Travel Makeup Bag Essentials

Is it just me, or does it seem as if everyone has travel plans this summer? After a few years of staying at home and small get-togethers, summer travel is now in full swing. It may have been a while since you’ve packed a carry-on or travel makeup bag, so we’ve gathered a list of travel makeup bag essentials to pack on your next vacay!

Makeup Travel Essential #1- Makeup Bag

Let’s start first with your travel makeup case itself. Some people may choose to tote the same makeup bag from home with them on their vacation, but I’ve found it easier to have a separate, smaller makeup bag with my essential makeup products in each. It makes packing (especially if you travel often) so much easier! Of course, you’ll most likely want to bring some speciality lipstick or eyeshadow with you on your trip, but think having the same foundation, blush, concealer, mascara, etc. in your travel makeup bag. Here are a few cute makeup bag options we’ve found that scream summer!

Budget-Friendly Option

This now frills bag has lots of space and various compartments for your products.

Tons of Storage

This weekender drop bag has been going viral on socials, and for good reason. You’d be amazed at just how much can fit in this bag! It has enough room for more than just your makeup – it even has a compartment for your toothbrush!

Travel Champion

While not the cutest looking makeup bag we’ve ever seen, this professional bag from Sephora was designed for professionals – so rest assured it would work for your products! It’s great for storage and travel, and the compartments can be removed once you reach your destination.

Solid Go-To Option

This Sonia Kashuk bag is great option at a cheaper price point. It offers great storage with loops to hold your brushes and a handle up top for easy carrying. A solid staple!

Makeup Travel Essential #2 – Tinted Moisturizer

We all know when packing a carry-on that you need all the space you can get! Tinted moisturizer is great because this two-for-one product saves space in your makeup bag. Bonus points if it also has SPF!

Vogue Fav

The Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint with SPF 40 goes on lightweight and has a dewey finish. Perfect for whatever you have in store during your stay!

Budget Friendly, but does the job

This tinted moisturizer from Maybeline fits in a small bottle and provides natural looking coverage that fits all skin tones. Plus with a $7.99 price tag, you can grab a few to have handy!

Great Pick

Don’t be dissuaded from the price tag, this tinted moisturizer with sunscreen from Coola is absolutely incredible. The formula is so lightweight you feel like you aren’t putting anything on – plus it goes on super smoothly. Obsessed!

Makeup Travel Essential #3 – Makeup Remover 

Nothing is worse than getting to a hotel and realizing you have to remove your makeup with the hand soap and scratchy towel.

Recently we did a blog post on makeup remover types, and below are a few of our travel-friendly favorites.

On-the-Go Go-To

Nothing beats a wipe when you’re feeling lazy or don’t have your full list of nighttime skincare products handy. This Neutrogena tried and true favorite is perfect for traveling.

Makeup Remover Spray

Skindinavia’s makeup remover spray will get away the toughest of makeup, plus is infused with Vitamin E. Plus it’s an eco-friendly option that’s oil and paraben-free!

Makeup Remover Oil

While you may only be able to pack this if you are checking a bag, this Mineral cleansing water from Garnier is good for all skin types.

Makeup Travel Essential #4 – Sunscreen

We harp on this constantly, but sunscreen is probably the most important part of your skincare routine. Below are a few travel friendly options to throw in your makeup bag!

Powder Option

What’s great about this mineral sunscreen powder is that it’s not liquid – so you don’t have to worry about TSA liquid size restrictions! Plus it’s translucent and offers SPF 30 protection for your face.

Super Seller

This Supergoop face sunscreen has been gaining in popularity the last few years because people love the way it sits on their face. It’s lightweight formula feels nothing like traditional sunscreen, plus offers protection of SPF 40.

Sun Bum

Sun Bum sunscreen comes in convenient 3 oz options, plus smells amazing. Need we say more?

Stick It

Another great option for avoiding liquid restrictions at the airport is to go with a roll on sunscreen. I like to have a few sticks – one for my makeup bag and one to throw in my Lulu fanny so I can reapply throughout the day! This CeraVe stick is a great budget friendly option.

Makeup Travel Essential #5 – Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof mascara is key for traveling because sometimes you just never know where your plans may lead you. Especially in the summer, most vacations involve the beach or water, and who wants their mascara running or smudging everywhere? Not us.

Personal Fav

I think I’ve had this mascara since I was 14, but it has never let me down. It’s just $6 on Amazon but does the job every time. Plus it’s volumizing and lengthening so my lashes look great.

Plump it Up

This Dior waterproof mascara that you can find at Sephora is great for resisting runs. Plus, it does a great job of both volumizing your lashes while also keeping them separated and not clumping together. Worth the $29 price tag for the quality.

Great Quality – and Waterproof!

Too Faced’s Better Than Sex original mascara is a beloved mascara, but it’s waterproof formula also delivers impressive results. It’s hard to pass up a classic. 

Whatever travel plans you have this summer, we hope you have a restful, fun vacation! And safe travels!