Makeup Primer Sprays

Makeup Primer Sprays

Experience a lightweight, cooling makeup primer.

Do you want to know what it's like to have a lightweight makeup primer that will help you maintain a healthy, natural makeup look while evening out your complexion, helping your makeup last longer, and minimizing the appearance of large pores? We have developed the first and best makeup primer spray that has quickly become a favorite among professional makeup artists.

If you're looking for a comfortable, healthy, everyday alternative to heavy primers, we've got you covered. Spray it over your moisturizer but before foundation for a perfect, smooth canvas.

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Oil-Free, Cruelty-Free, Paraben-Free, and Vegan Makeup Sprays
The Makeup Primer Spray

The Makeup Primer Spray ($28.00)

Original Formula
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The Makeup Primer Spray | Oil Control

The Makeup Primer Spray ($28.00)

Oil Control Formula
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Verified Customer Reviews
I am always looking for ways to shave time off of my makeup routine. This is a game changer!
Sarah - Amazon
My makeup guru friend recommended this since she's a pageant girl and knows how to keep makeup on all day. I was amazed that despite pictures, a hot summer day, dancing, and lots of food, my makeup pretty much did not move all day!
MamaMaley - Amazon
I am always looking for ways to shave time off of my makeup routine. This is a game changer!
Verified Purchaser - Amazon
4.5 / 5 | 300+ Amazon Purchaser Reviews

Do you want your makeup to last all day long without needing a touch-up? Then it’s essential you have a primer that provides a smooth base before applying your makeup. The pump will disperse a micro-fine mist perfect for all skin types, including giving an extra hydrating boost to dry skin.

It’s not a secret that our product is customer-approved! Skindinavia's Primer Spray users have reported high satisfaction, with:

  • 76% of people saying it’s the best primer they’ve ever used.
  • 55% of people saying it has reduced the oiliness of their skin.
  • Over 85% of people saying they noticed their makeup lasting longer after use.

Many Reasons to Love Our Primer Spray

Our long-lasting makeup primer will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and provide a flawless foundation for beautiful-looking makeup. There are many ways it benefits you, and here’s just a few reasons you’ll love it:

  • Evens out skin tone and reduces redness
  • Decreases appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Minimizes pores, but is still light in nature
  • Vitamin-infused to improve skin quality
  • Water-resistant while hydrating skin
  • Regulates excess oil production

You can rest assured that we do not test on animals. Our primer spray is also silicone-free, oil free, paraben-free, and hypoallergenic.

A Proven Formula for All Skin Types

We use a proprietary water-based formula that creates a hydrated complexion, soothes dry patches, and improves the overall quality of your skin. Our patented vegan-only ingredients also work to cool your skin and provide a protective layer that prevents excess moisture from melting your makeup.

Our lightweight formula isn’t heavy or greasy. Instead, it allows your skin to breathe without clogging up pores. This formula also means our primer spray dries clearly (no white cast or sheens!), so it’s optimal for all skin tones and types.

Enjoy Long-Lasting Coverage

We understand the importance of having all-day coverage, so your makeup looks as fresh as when you first applied it. Our water-resistant primer spray ensures you look impeccable day and night. No more worrying about your makeup creasing, sliding, or fading. Instead, enjoy the benefits of lasting makeup for when you:

  • Attend a big all-day event
  • Are doing active activities
  • Work a long shift
  • Attend a meeting or date after work
  • Have a photoshoot under hot, bright lights

Join the statistics of our happy customers who have tried and fallen in love with our makeup primer spray. You’ll be happy you did!