About Our Brand

About Our Brand

Who are we?

Skindinavia is a highly regarded professional brand of micro-fine sprays geared for long-wear makeup. We are well known and well respected in the industry for our setting sprays, silicone-free primer sprays, Makeup Remover Spray and now our Maskne Control Spray. Made for and tested by the pros, our products are used on many Hollywood movie and television sets as well as by influencers and celebrity makeup artists. We believe in giving back and using the finest ingredients, plus our products are great for year-round and work on all skin types.

Our Story

In 2005, in the heat of July, Skindinavia Founder, Allen Goldman went to a club in South Beach, Miami. The temps were hot and the air heavy with humidity.

Allen sits at the poolside bar and begins to chat with a woman. Ashley is very put together, confident, and clearly comfortable in her own skin. As time passes, it becomes clear to Allen that the heat and hot lights are causing this 25-year-old woman’s make-up to crease and to run. Her dark eyeliner is beginning to creep down below her eyes and her eyelids are creased with smokey gray. He was certain it was hardly her intention. She was getting increasingly shiny and clearly self-conscious.

At that moment … Allen's entrepreneurial wheels started to spin.

He left the club that night and pondered this clear dilemma. Ashley must not be the only woman fighting this battle of creasing, fading, cracking makeup. While Allen did have some experience in the cosmetic industry under his belt, he realized that there was a clear need that he just might be able to fill. An idea was in the making. As Allen embarked on his research, he found things that would set make-up, and remove the powdery residue that sits dusted across the peach fuzz that women study daily in their magnified mirrors, but he realized that the importance of setting the make-up in place was only a piece of the puzzle. He understood that in this emotionally vulnerable moment, Ashley needed something that would have kept her skin surface cool and kept her pristine makeup in place. She needed something that would not only finish the look but preserve it in severe heat and humidity.

Skindinavia was becoming a reality. With the help of brilliant chemists and formulators, Allen worked diligently to fill a need and create an amazing first-of-its-kind product that included the best ingredients and the most advanced delivery system. The result … Skindinavia’s Makeup Finishing Spray was born. Skindinavia’s proprietary ingredients and Temperature Control Technology was the defining invention and later issued a US Patent.

Allen was committed to using good ingredients, minimal fragrance, and performed all the necessary stability testing and consumer trials to ensure he had a winning product on his hands. At the same time, Allen was committed to using highly effective, safe ingredients and a minimal spa-like fragrance. He then ensured that all the necessary safety testing and consumer trials were completed to ensure he had a winning product on his hands.

Skindinavia has become an essential makeup staple, used with confidence by millions of makeup enthusiasts, professional makeup artists, Hollywood and Broadway talent, social media influencers, and music icons. After 16 years, Skindinavia enjoys the reputation of being a luxury brand that is synonymous with excellence and quality.

Skindinavia products are proudly non-comedogenic, vegan, cruelty-free and made in the USA.