Three Anti-Aging Pro Tips

Is it just me, or does there appear to be ads for anti-aging products and Botox everywhere? Even though many of my friends are in their late 20s, most if not all began Botox injections years ago. And it’s hard to turn on TV without seeing some sort of commercial for a wrinkle cream or other anti-aging product! While there may be nothing wrong with these solutions, we’ve put together three simple and much cheaper anti-aging tips!

Anti-Aging Pro Tip #1 – Use Ice Ice Baby

Did you know that ice is a natural de-puffer? Using an ice roller or an ice mask in the mornings helps to reduce swelling and inflammation, eliminate puffiness, and reduce signs of aging (such as wrinkles!) Some other benefits of a term that has been coined as “skin icing,” include easing acne, soothing a sunburn, reducing oiliness, and boosting your skin’s glow.

Here are a few ice products to check out:

Ice roller option 1 – Simply fill the iced contour in this ice roller and freeze. Next, apply the ice to your skin in a circular motion for thirty seconds.

Ice roller option 2 – this stainless steel cryo roller uses ice cold temps (from placing in the freezer) to slow down oil production and flush out toxins while brightening and depuffing your face for a rejuvenated glow!

Ice mask – this ice mask uses gel beads that work like a cold pack that you can leave on your face! It’s a great remedy for reducing dry eyes and skin – and also can help with migraines! It can also be used as a hot pack as well.

And if you aren’t up for buying a new product (hey we get it!), try just filling a bowl with ice and water and dunking your face in for a few minutes – that’s one way to wake up for sure! It feels amazing, especially after a night of drinking.

Anti-Aging Pro Tip #2 – Try Face Massage

This may sound weird at first, but massaging your face (carefully of course) can give your face an instant lift. It promotes oxygen and blood flow in the skin, which reduces puffiness and can lead to a brighter skin tone and appearance. It also increases collagen production, which prevents wrinkles! Many call face massage as a natural face lift.

Check out the video from Abigail James that gives you a tutorial for a four minute face list.

Not wanting to use your hands for face massage? You may have heard of a Gua Sha before, a tool that deeply massages the skin to decrease fine lines, promote lymphatic drainage, and sculpt the face. Check out this option from Hydropeptide.

We also love this combo pack option of both a Gua Sha and a jade roller from Amazon.

Looking to get real fancy with an actual face massager? Check out this option from CurrentBody Nuface.

Anti-Aging Pro Tip #3 – Pamper Weekly

While incorporating a solid nighttime skincare regimen to your nightly routine (see our post here) is an excellent way to prevent aging, choosing one night a week to give your skin some extra pampering will do wonders for your skin.

Choose a night that you don’t have any plans and have extra time to vedge on the couch. Then, choose a face mask (there are different types for firming, eliminating acne, or refreshing your skin) and let your skin soak up the nutrients for at least 15 minutes. We love all the options there are at Target!

After you’ve removed the mask, wash your face and go about your normal nighttime skincare routine. We also suggest applying eye cream on this night (if you don’t already), as applying eye cream over time will leave your eyes looking more refreshed and lead to less bags under them!