Your 5 Step Nighttime Skincare Routine

Fall is a great time to develop good routines. There’s something about the end of summer and back to school that makes it easier to be disciplined and start healthy new habits. Let this fall be a time for you to start a healthy new nighttime skincare routine as well! If you are new to the skincare game or are just in need of a bit of a refresher, we’ve got you covered with a ridiculously easy 5-step nighttime skincare routine.

Nighttime Skincare Routine

Nighttime Skincare Step #1 – Remove All Makeup

If you don’t do anything else before heading to bed, make sure that you remove all of your makeup. Your skin repairs itself while you sleep, so if you are sleeping with your foundations or powders still on your face, you are not giving your skin a chance to renew overnight. Your makeup will be stuck in your pores! In fact, many derms state that sleeping in your makeup is the ultimate no-no!

To remove your makeup, choose a makeup remover type that suits you best – whether that’s a makeup remover wipe, cleanser, oil or spray. Skindinavia’s makeup remover spray is a nice eco-friendly option that’s infused with Vitamin E, is oil and paraben-free, and has a water-free formulation that feels good on your skin. To use a makeup remover spray, lightly spray the product on your face, let sit for a few seconds, then gently wipe off your makeup with a soft cloth. I like to use makeup remover spray at home and then makeup wipes while traveling – but find the makeup remover that works for you!

Nighttime Skincare Step #2 – Cleanse Away

Another important nighttime skincare step, wash your face with a gentle, water-based cleanser. While it may be easy to grab the same bar of soap you use in the shower, up your game by using a milky cleanser that will remove all dirt and grime but won’t strip your skin. Massage the product all over your face with water, and make sure to be gentle! If you want to get fancy, you can try an automatic cleansing brush or pad. Know that using your clean hands work just fine for this step as well.

Nighttime Skincare Step #3 – Serum Time

Serums have done wonders for my skin in helping with brightness and overall health of my skin. While serums tend to be on the pricier side, a little amount can go a long way! There are a variety of serums to choose from, so we suggest finding the type that works for you. If you have dry skin? Try a Vitamin E serum. Have acne-prone skin? Opt for Vitamin C or even retinol. And for those that need a boost in their complexion? Choose a green tea extract!

Nighttime Skincare Step #4 – Apply Under Eye Cream

If you are reading this and you are in your teens or early 20s, you may breeze over this step without much thought. I wouldn’t blame you to be honest! The earlier you start developing good skincare habits, the more it will have with preventative measures in your 30s, 40s, and beyond. Applying eye cream over time will leave your eyes looking more refreshed and lead to less bags under them.

To use, apply eye product by dabbing it under your eyes where the skin is the thinnest. When applying, be careful not to rub the skin around your eyes. It can damage it and lead to wrinkles even quicker – and ain’t nobody got time for that!

Nighttime Skincare Routine tips

Nighttime Skincare Step #5 – Moisturize!

Another critical step in your nighttime skincare routine is applying moisturizer. Typically you want to apply products from thinnest to thickest. That’s why moisturizing should be your final step (unless you decide to also apply a mask before bed). Moisturizing accelerates the renewing of your skin that already happens at night when you sleep. When looking for moisturizers, keep an eye out for products that state “nighttime” and “hydrating” that won’t clog your pores.

Whether you have 5 or 50 minutes to spare for your skincare routine, we hope you incorporate each of these five steps into your routine before bed!