The Three Best Setting Sprays That Will Last All Day

New to the makeup game and don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered with the best setting sprays babes!

Setting spray, also referred to as finishing spray, is used to set your makeup in place after finishing your makeup application (pretty self-explanatory right?) to achieve a long-lasting look. It’s a mist that usually includes a combination of water and alcohol as its main ingredients. In addition to making your makeup last longer, it can prevent the fading and smudging.

There are two main ways to apply – the first (and most common way) is to spritz all over your face after you’ve applied your makeup. The second way is to spray a bit after each step of your makeup application, so a first spritz after you apply your foundation, again after you’ve done your eyeshadow, and a final time after your blush, powder, and lipstick.

Skindinavia offers a few types of settings sprays, each that offer over 16 hours of protection with our patented slow-release technology. Yay science! They are also each cruelty-free, vegan, paraben-free, and hypoallergenic. 

Below we will walk you through the 3 setting spray types, so you know what type to choose that will work best for you!

The Best Setting Spray – Regular Formula

The original formula of Skindinavia’s setting spray is a spray that not only holds makeup in place, it’s refreshing mist also helps to cool the skin. It’s great for day-to-day wear, such as a day you are going into the office but also if you are joining your friends for makeup. We definitely recommend in the summer when your face tends to sweat more in the heat!

What’s great too about this original formula is that it is lightweight, breathable, and cooling and that it sets both liquid foundation and powder makeup you apply. Wearing it will help prevent color shifting, fading, and creasing too!

The Best Setting Spray – Oil Control Formula

Skindinavia’s setting spray for oily skin offers the same benefits as the regular formula, but it doesn’t make your skin feel greasy – it’s the best way to guarantee all day coverage while preventing excess oil production. This formula offers a matte finish while also decreasing the appearance of pores, which can be a problem for those with oily skin. Don’t believe us? Just look at the reviews online – 96.55% of users said that their makeup lasted for 12 hours with this setting spray. Grab a bottle of the best setting spray on the market today.

The Best Setting Spray – Bridal Formula

Recently, we published a blog about how to achieve perfect makeup as a bride. The last of the five tips we gave was to lock your look in place with a setting spray. Want to take it a step further? Use Skindinavia’s bridal formula setting spray!

It’s just like the regular setting spray but offers even more lasting coverage – so you can rest assured that your makeup will last both throughout the day and into the night. So feel free to sweat, cry, and sip away! This formula is designed to be moisture-proof for up to 16 hours.  even if you sweat, cry, and sip!

This is the only true bridal setting spray formula on the market, so it’s worth choosing for your big day so you look your best – both in person and for the many pictures you are sure to take!

There are other setting sprays on the market, such as ones for sensitive skin and those that are alcohol-free, which have less staying power but offer more hydration for the skin.

Whichever type you set your sights on (see what I did there?) experts agree that setting spray significantly impacts the longevity of your makeup. Try it out for yourself!