Five Tips for Perfect Wedding Makeup – Bride

So you’ve got the venue, the photographer, and all the decor set for your big day. Your family is flying into town this week and you’re putting together some last minute details. The last thing you probably want to stress out about is your wedding makeup look. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered with five tips to achieve perfect makeup for your wedding!

Tip #1 – Do a Wedding Makeup Trial

One of the things I’ve heard countless times this summer from my friends that have gotten married is that they wish they could have done a “trial” makeup run before their wedding day. Those that did swore by it! Most professional makeup artists offer some sort of package that allows for a makeup trial prior to your big day. Even if you love what the makeup artist has shown you in his or her portfolio or Instagram, you never know how it will turn out on your skin tone, or if it fits what you were envisioning for your makeup look. 

Tip #2 – Hydrate

If you are like most brides, you will probably have a crazy week leading up to your wedding with last minute planning, family coming into town, and rehearsal dinners. While you may want to overindulge in some adult beverages to take the edge off, make sure you are also staying hydrated the days leading up to your wedding. While you may not know it, the more hydrated you are, the easier your makeup application will go. Plus the prettier you will look the day of – who doesn’t want glowy, refreshed-looking skin? While you’re at it, make sure you are getting plenty of rest leading up to your big day as well.

Tip #3 – Opt for Waterproof

While this may seem obvious, opt for waterproof mascara along with other products for your wedding day. Even if you aren’t emotional, who knows what waterworks may come over the course of the day!

Tip #4 – Have a Few Wedding Makeup Products Handy

The last thing you’ll want to do during your rehearsal is leave the dance floor to go back to your bridal suite to touch up your makeup. Instead, keep a small clutch either at your main table or with your MOH or wedding coordinator with a few makeup essentials – lip balm, lipstick, blotting paper, and pressed powder. The powder and blotting paper will come in handy to minimize any shine from sweat. I guarantee you won’t want to spend the time doing much other makeup application! Plus if you’ve used a good setting spray (see the next section below!) then you won’t have to worry about much else.

Tip #5 – Use Finishing Spray

You’ve most likely spent a pretty penny on your makeup + countless hours in the chair getting ready. The last thing you’ll want to happen is your makeup to smudge or you have to worry about reapplying product over the course of the night! To prevent, make sure you or your makeup artist finishes your makeup application by applying finishing spray. Skindinavia even has a specific finishing spray for brides, so feel free to cry, kiss, and sweat while wearing our bridal setting spray – you’ll continue to look flawless through all of it!