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How to Take Your Makeup Off Without Using Wipes

Wipe Alternatives are Better

Did you know that 7.6 billion pounds of wipes are thrown into the landfill every year? Wipes are actually one of the most wasteful products on earth.

Since we love our planet and want our environment to thrive, it’s better to ditch the wipes and use one of the following eco-friendly makeup removers. Reusable products create significantly less waste in our landfills (and less clutter on your bathroom counter).

Eco-Friendly Makeup Removers

Here are three of our top recommendations for high-quality, gentle, and eco-friendly makeup removers that are healthy for your skin and better for the environment.

1. Micellar Water

Micellar water is a gentle and effective makeup and dirt remover. It’s composed of purified water, moisturizers, and mild cleansing compounds.

Use it to clear your pores and tone your skin. It’s alcohol-free, which means it will hydrate your face, not strip it dry, keeping your skin clear while reducing irritation and inflammation.

Micellar water can be applied using cotton pads or microfiber cloths (up next!). You may need to combine micellar water with another method to remove waterproof or heavy makeup.

2. Reusable Cloths

An ultra-plush, sustainable makeup remover is the Makeup Eraser. It’s a reusable polyester-blend cloth that will remove waterproof and theater makeup like a champ. Simply add warm water to the fabric, and then wipe your face gently. The cloth fibers will stick to your makeup and lift it from your skin.

Face Halo is another brilliant reusable makeup remover. Add cool or warm water to the pad and gently wipe your face to remove your makeup. The fine fibers in the cloth will reach deep into your pores to remove makeup, leaving your skin clean and healthy.

Last but not least, the Erase Your Face cleansing cloths from Danielle Creations are great for traveling and suitable for sensitive skin. You can even wash them up to 500 times!

3. Makeup Remover Spray

Another powerful, eco-friendly makeup remover is Skindinavia’s Makeup Remover Spray. It’s oil-free, water-free, nonirritating, and hypoallergenic. Simply spray the weightless mist onto your face and let it work its magic—penetrating your makeup and lifting it away from your face, lips, and eyes.

Next, wipe away the moisture with either a cotton pad or microfiber cloth (like one of the examples we listed above). Your skin will be clean, oil-free, and beautifully nourished with Vitamin E.

As a bonus, Skindinavia makeup remover bottles are made of recyclable plastic, so you can rest easy knowing your carbon footprint is shrinking.

Skindinavia Makeup Remover Spray

Try Our Eco-Friendly Makeup Remover

For the best results, try combining makeup remover spray with a microfiber cloth. This perfect combo will help you to easily remove any makeup and leave your skin as clean and fresh as possible.

Learn more about The Makeup Remover Spray (and why we love it so much)!