The Makeup Remover Spray



Skindinavia Makeup Remover Spray

Are you getting tired of your trashcan overflowing with makeup wipes? There is an eco-friendly solution to removing your makeup – Skindinavia Makeup Remover Spray. Lightly spray the product on your face, let sit for a few seconds and gently wipe off your makeup with a soft cloth. Not only will you be creating less trash but the bottle itself is recyclable.

What We Love About This Makeup Remover Spray

This eco-friendly makeup remover works by first breaking down your makeup, allowing you to easily wipe away even the strongest waterproof products. You won’t have to scrub at your face to remove your makeup, damaging your skin and eyelashes. This formula is designed to penetrate through your makeup and effortlessly lift it away.

Other benefits of our makeup remover include:
• Vitamin E infused
• 100% active ingredients
• Water-free formulation
• Starts to work on your face instantly, removing the need to rub your face
• Hypoallergenic
• Oil and paraben-free
• All Skindinavia products are vegan and cruelty-free

Use a microfiber cloth or cotton pad to wipe away makeup. This makeup remover spray is effective at removing even the toughest of products, including waterproof makeup, eyelash glue, liquid lipsticks, and highly pigmented eyeshadows. The spray will penetrate deep into your pores, pulling out all the makeup products, all while nourishing your skin and protecting it from breakouts.

A Favorite Among Professionals

Our makeup remover spray is a staple for SFX and cosplay makeup artists. Since it quickly breaks down makeup products, they use it to remove cosmetic and prosthetic products and easily move on to the next look. They don’t have to worry about it drying out the skin of the person they’re applying makeup to. Our formula is built to infuse moisture into the skin while removing makeup.

Don’t worry about spending a part of your evening routine scrubbing your face. Use Skindinavia’s Makeup Remover Spray to make your makeup removal even easier.


Spray This For All-Day Makeup

Wayne Goss

"Most finishing sprays claim that they set your makeup, but they don’t actually hold the makeup. Skindinavia is the setting spray I have been using since I started on YouTube and I continue to keep using them because I know their going to work!" - Wayne Goss, Professional Makeup Artist

Full Foundation Coverage For Oily Skin

Carli Bybel

"My skin has been super oily and I finally found a solution that works SO well! These oil control sprays by Skindinavia really help keep your makeup looking perfect all day long." - Carli Bybel

I Love Skindinavia!

Ashley Brook Perryman

"This is a MUST have for my kit, and my talent that's in my chair always compliments how refreshing it feels as the final step. Especially in very unpredictable conditions that you run to working on location, you want to be sure that you're using the best products to make sure your makeup application stays put." - Ashley Brook Perryman - Professional Makeup & Hair Artist

My Favorite Setting Spray

Ashley Brook Perryman

"The Skindinavia setting spray is said to last for 16 hours and it's truly my favorite setting spray in the entire world THIS STUFF IS SO SO BOMB!" - James Charles