Euphoria-Inspired Makeup Looks

HBO’s Euphoria is all the rage right now, and the looks we see from the angsty teens displayed on the show are hot trends we are seeing everyone rocking this spring. Spoiler alert: get ready to pull out the bright eyeshadow and makeup glue – and lots of it. We at Skindinavia rounded up some of the hottest Euphoria-inspired makeup trends for you to try this season.

Gemstones Galore

A trend we’ve talked about in previous posts, gemstone appliques around the eyes are all the rage this season – and this look is not just for festivals! Might we suggest purchasing a gemstone application kit, such as the one shown below from Amazon. We like that this kit comes with a variety of different colors of gems along with a wax pencil, which helps grip the stones when applying. Note that you’ll need to buy some eyelash glue though to use as an adhesive!

Check out this video tutorial from Just Nicole to learn how to “rock” this look:

Sharp Wings

Make a statement like Maddy with sharped winged eyeliner, extending your wings just a bit further than you normally would – I promise you won’t regret it! It’s a feminine yet bold look that we are seeing everywhere this season. Applying eyeliner can be tricky, so don’t be afraid to use one of the oldest tricks in the book – tape! Take a piece of tape about an inch long and place it in the outer corner of your eye for you to use as a stencil. Apply the eyeliner with the tape in place, then pull away to reveal a straight line! You can also check out this super simple winged eyeliner tutorial from Kayla Martinez below.

Blue Explosion

We are obsessed with this look from the iconic scene where Jules is getting ready, and now we are ready to rock blue glitter eyeshadow like it’s the early 2000’s. Choose a blue shade with built in shimmer (like this favorite from Tarte), or opt for a light blue shade and apply a straight glitter gloss or jelly on top (we love this INC.credible iridescent jelly at Sephora!)

Pair with a nude or glossy lip with this bold blue look to not overdo things!

Pastel Eyeliner

Pastels, while always popular in the spring, are especially big right now. Take it up a bit by contrasting pastel colors with a bold graphic eyeliner, as shown in the TikTok tutorial video below. And if you’re in need for a pastel eyeliner pallet, check out this five-shade liner pallet that’s water and smudge resistant by Suva beauty here.

And if you are digging the pastel look and want more inspo? Check out our latest blog post on Easter trends here.

Wow, so many fun looks to try this spring! A huge shout out to Doniella Davy (the makeup artist for Euphoria) for inspiring us with all of these fun looks. To make sure all the hard work of applying your Euphoria-inspired makeup doesn’t go to waste, make sure to apply finishing spray to lock your look in place!