2023 Makeup Trends we think will dominate

We know everyone is in holiday mode, but 2023 is just around the corner and we can’t wait to watch the makeup trends over the next year!

Who doesn’t love being in the loop about upcoming trends? We know we do! So, to save you some time, take a look at our exclusive trend report. Ahead, find out what will be popular come January so that you can be prepared—and maybe even ahead of the curve.

You will be able to achieve the softest and most glowing skin, apply makeup with finesse for a glam effect, have glossy and healthy hair, and have strong diamond-hard nails.

2023 makeup trends

1. Tinted sunscreen is going to be your BFF

For 2023, we think the everyday makeup trend will be for a spot concealer paired with a tinted sunscreen. For going out, we think the foundation will have medium coverage but still look like skin.

This beauty prediction falls in line with the ‘simple makeup’ trend we anticipate seeing in 2022, which primarily consists of foundation sticks and cream products.

We believe that 2023 will witness even more prevalence of cream products, though there will be less layering involved and a generally lighter focus on glamorizing the skin.

2. Say goodbye to your standard spot corrector and say hello to creamy concealers!

Throwing out those dry, dull concealers- it’s time to make way for the creamy ones in 2023. These versatile little products will be some of your makeup bag’s best friends.

We predict that in 2023, the focus will be on finding skincare products that aren’t so drying.

Skindinavia claims that in the next few months, loose powders will become mainstream. “The powder puff has come back into style recently, so we believe that there will be a current loose powder craze”. Use loose powder under the eyes, in the T zone, and anywhere else you want to set your makeup. Pressed powders are not necessary for a flawless finish.

4. Brows that have been brushed and gel will come to the forefront.

As if you needed another reminder: brows are still (and will continue to be) a big part of any makeup look, whether it’s for daytime or evening. In 2023, we predict that this trend will only amplify.

“Pomade brows are a thing of the past!” Skindinavia says. “Brushed-up, gel-set eyebrows are taking center stage now.”

5. The smudged eyeliner trend has already begun to take off and is continuing to gain traction.

Smudged eyeliner will be all the rage in 2023. This year at NYFW, every single show sported models with undone, shimmery eyeshadow looks.

If you’ve ever discussed eyeliner, it was probably focused on how to create a perfect line or how to get the perfect cat eye—but not every look has to be so intense. You can use smudged eyeliner for a softer effect.

According to our predictions, in 2023 people will want super-voluminous mascara that can achieve full lash coverage. “Really curled chunky lashes are going be the go-to.”

7. Bronzer is perfect for busy ladies on the go!

We’ll see a return to simplicity in 2023 when it comes to bronzing.

A liquid bronzer may seem challenging to use, but when applied correctly, it can give you the most realistic makeup look. If you want a natural look, apply the bronzer on your bare skin or mix it with face lotion for an easy DIY tinted moisturizer. You can’t go wrong as long as you don’t use too much bronzer

8. Stick and cream blushes are going to continue to have their moment

There is no denying that stick and cream blushes are the best on the market. The more adventurous might like to set their makeup with a powder product, but I believe that in 2023, people will prefer simplicity and the bare minimum when it comes to face products.

2023 Makeup trends

9. Lip liners and lip balms are the perfect pair!

The tone was a very natural lip, with no harsh border. We think that lip liners which look like your natural lip color, used with a hydrating lip balm, will be extremely trendy in 2023.

10. We predict that there will be a rise in demand for clean beauty brands.

Clean beauty is when a product is created without any ingredients that could be potentially harmful to human health. This way, you never have to choose between results and safety.

They use healthy ingredients to make products safe from health problems like hormone disruption, cancer, and skin irritation.

1. Ceramides and niacinamides will be the star ingredients.

Ceramides and niacinamide are two examples of ingredients that will continue to be popular. Skin-cycling is another popular trend that took over TikTok, which can have either of these benefits.

2. Bakuchiol is gaining popularity as an alternative to retinol.

In 2022, retinol serums and creams were popular, bakuchiol will be the ingredient to watch.

Retinol has been trending recently, but there are plenty of alternative options. Bakuchiol is a great choice because it gives your skin anti-aging and firming benefits without many of the negative side effects associated with retinol, like purge, redness, and irritation.

3. More and more people are moving towards minimalist skincare routines.

We think that people will start to adopt a more simplified skincare routine, which incorporates multitasking products that serve multiple purposes within one product. For instance, cleansing and toning face wash can also remove makeup.

1. Women will ask for long layers at salons.

We predict that shaggy layers will be in style. Long-layered styles are best achieved and maintained by using soft foaming mousses and thickening sprays.

2. Copper is going to be the go-to hair color for stylists.

Presently, many people are interested in copper-colored hair, and this shade is frequently requested in salons. Another much-requested color is “Bronde,” which we believe will continue to be trendy.

3. Ditch your blow dryer — wet hair is definitely in style!

When it comes to styling for a special event, wet hair is always an excellent option. That being said, we don’t believe this is something you would want to wear every day. It’s much better suited for more formal occasions.

4. The side part will make a comeback in 2023

We believe that the middle part, which reached its peak during quarantine, will make a comeback in popularity.

5. Hair crimping is here, and it’s here to stay

Three-barrel wavers are currently in style and we predict that they will continue to be popular. Stylists and clients love the mermaid waves they create.

In 2023, the following colors will be extremely popular for nails. In recent years, earthy colors like olive green and terra-cotta have been very popular, especially in the fall. We believe this trend will continue through 2023.

If you’re looking for a classic style with a twist, consider milky whites. They’ll add depth and texture to any space while still matching most design schemes.

If there’s anything we learned how to do during more time at home, it was our manicures. Specifically, using press-on nails.

Press-on nails have been increasing in popularity because they are easy to apply and can be done at home.

what makeup looks are trending in 2023


What is the latest makeup craze? Here are some of the latest makeup trends for 2023

  • Lip gloss
  • Statement blush
  • Brushed-up gelled brows
  • Creamy concealer
  • Super curled eyelashes
  • Wet look makeup
  • Milky manicures

Is eyeliner still in style in 2023?

Yes, the trend for 2023 will be smudged eyeliner. So, no need to worry about a perfect eyeliner line

Should an older woman wear eyeliner?

Women should avoid black eyeliner as they age. Black is harsh against all skin tones, making the wearer look older and their eyes appear smaller. Softer colors such as moss green, soft brown, or lavender bring out any eye color beautifully.