2022 TikTok Makeup Trends

Does anyone else open TikTok and get sucked into a black hole of videos that’s almost impossible to climb out of? One minute you are opening the app to take a “quick break,” then all of a sudden you look at your watch and an hour of mindless scrolling has flown by! TikTok’s algorithm is so good at feeding you entertaining content, and there is no shortage of content out there. 

Has beauty content popped up on your TikTok video feed yet? Beauty content is everywhere (blogs, Instagram, magazines, brands, commercials, etc.) and TikTok is no exception. If you haven’t gotten sucked into the world of #BeautyTok yet, no worries – we’ve gathered a list of the top 2022 TikTok makeup trends for you to try out this year.

TikTok Makeup Trend #1 – The “Clean Makeup” Look

This trend is all about applying clean, “barely-there” products that make it seem like you are not wearing makeup at all. It’s about embracing your complexion and applying lightweight, skin-colored tones that accentuate your natural beauty – we LOVE this! As if this trend couldn’t get any better, it’s super easy to try. Check out this video from @lenkalul on how to incorporate this look.


the type of makeup that doesnt take long but can make you feel so good👄🤍 ib @darceyangell #cleanmakeup #makeuptrends #naturalmakeup #fyp #makeup

♬ you look lonely – jimbotheboy

TikTok Makeup Trend #2 – Bold Blush Looks

’80s throwback anyone? 2022 is seeing a lot of bold blush looks – including blush in different colors! TikTok has plenty of video tutorials on ombre’ blush or even purple blush – maybe it’s not an everyday look for you, but maybe something fun to try on a weekend! For the ombre’ trend, we are seeing a mix of orange + pink and purple + pink combos for two totally different looks.

Check out this video from @bexcxmpbell on how to try out the ombre’ blush trend. I bet you’ll be surprised by how good it looks.


I saw and I had to try it! @leilanikeaa 🥰 are you trying this? #2022makeup

♬ original sound – anna heid

Pro tip: after applying blush, make sure you apply finishing spray to lock your look in place! Skindinavia has two great options to choose from that will keep your blush looking bold and beautiful all day.

TikTok Makeup Trend #3 – ’60s Mod Makeup

The ’60s are making a comeback people – especially with makeup trends! We can thank Ariana Grande by bringing back this trend with her look in her “Positions” music video, but it’s now in 2022 that TikTok is blowing up with ’60s makeup video tutorials. When looking for ’60s makeup inspo, think Twiggy, Cher, and Audrey Hepburn-inspired looks with pastel shades, dark creases, and big, bold lashes. Dip your toes into experimenting with this trend by trying out a graphic eyeliner or by opting to go with an unusually bright color for your eyeshadow. And don’t forget to finish with dramatic lashes!

Check out this tutorial video from @lenkalul below.


60s inspired 🌼💓✨ ib: @__bexbeauty__ not my best one, i struggled a lot filming this lol #60s #makeup #makeuptutorial #destinationdepop #fyp

♬ Be My Baby – The Ronettes

TikTok Makeup Trend #4 – Unexpected Pops of Eye Color

This trend is all about using colors that traditionally would have been considered “out-there” – we are talking leaning into the use of orange, pink, blue, purple, and green colors as eyeliners and shadows. For those who want to go for a more subtle look, we suggest adding just a pop of the bright color to the inner eyes or outer eyelids. We especially love the purple eyeshadow looks we’ve seen Dua Lipa and H.E.R. rock recently.

And for those who want to fully embrace the bold? Check out these fresh looks from @stxph.h below.


the attitude’s different when my eye makeup matches the fit 😎 #fypシ #foryou #makeupinspo #makeuptutorials #popofcolor #eyelooks #easymakeup

♬ The Worst – Jhené Aiko

TikTok Makeup Trend #5 – Fluffy Brows

Rest assured, the fluffy brow trend we saw the past few years isn’t going anywhere. Lamination – or basically perming your eyebrows to achieve a fluffy look – will remain popular. Laminating is great because it creates a structured look with very little (if any) effort on your end once you get them done. Don’t want to go to a professional to achieve this look? You can utilize brow gel or other products at home – check out this tutorial from @edenvonweiss below.


if u mess up they’ll be back by Wednesday @telyorganics @refybeauty #brow #browtutorial #naturalmakeup #fluffybrows #eyebrowcut #eyebrowtutorial

♬ original sound – Adam Wright

So if you want to experiment with something out of your comfort zone this year, might we suggest tackling one of these five fun 2022 makeup TikTok trends. And know that there are plenty of other tutorial videos on TikTok and other platforms out there to keep you from feeling intimidated – you’ve got this!