The Maskne Control Spray



Wearing masks have become a part of our lives. This safety measure has also created some new health and beauty issues. Skindinavia has been the leader in protective facial sprays for makeup wearers and professional makeup artists for over 15+ years. Using our experience as the number one facial sprays for the Hollywood movie and television industry, our team created a new product for these changing times.

Help Prevent Maskne with Skindinavia

We used our expertise to create a formula that actively works to cool your skin, prevent oil production, reduce inflammation and decrease bacteria.

  • Helps keep skin cool for 16 hours
  • Prevents bacteria buildup with highly purified Zinc
  • Uses Willow Bark as a natural anti-inflammatory, reducing redness and irritation
  • Controls oil on the skin with Skindinavia's proprietary formula
  • Leaves from Black Current and Raspberry Bushes act as natural super-ingredient to combat oil production


Spray This For All-Day Makeup

Wayne Goss

"Most finishing sprays claim that they set your makeup, but they don’t actually hold the makeup. Skindinavia is the setting spray I have been using since I started on YouTube and I continue to keep using them because I know their going to work!" - Wayne Goss, Professional Makeup Artist

Full Foundation Coverage For Oily Skin

Carli Bybel

"My skin has been super oily and I finally found a solution that works SO well! These oil control sprays by Skindinavia really help keep your makeup looking perfect all day long." - Carli Bybel

I Love Skindinavia!

Ashley Brook Perryman

"This is a MUST have for my kit, and my talent that's in my chair always compliments how refreshing it feels as the final step. Especially in very unpredictable conditions that you run to working on location, you want to be sure that you're using the best products to make sure your makeup application stays put." - Ashley Brook Perryman - Professional Makeup & Hair Artist

My Favorite Setting Spray

Ashley Brook Perryman

"The Skindinavia setting spray is said to last for 16 hours and it's truly my favorite setting spray in the entire world THIS STUFF IS SO SO BOMB!" - James Charles