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Maskproof Makeup

Protect your makeup under your mask.

Skindinavia's setting sprays have been proven effective at protecting your makeup.

When the pandemic hit America, the use of masks on a daily basis went from something that only professionals like doctors and nurses understand to an inconvenience of nearly every person around the world. While you were wearing your mask to protect your friends and family, we were seeing if we could protect your makeup as well.

Masks are abrasive. This is what leads to them more easily rubbing off your makeup throughout the day. The breathable mesh layer of the Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray line of setting sprays helps prevent your makeup from easily rubbing off. For extra help, spray a couple of pumps on the inside of your mask. It will provide TWO layers to help reduce the heat and friction that causes makeup to rub off.

In short, if you want to protect your makeup, do the following:

  1. Spray your mask with setting spray as well as your face.
  2. Wear less makeup overall. The more layers you create, the harder it is to protect overall.
  3. Focus on eye makeup. Take advantage of focus being on this area of your face.

If you find yourself wearing a mask, whether it be for the entire day or merely part of it, you can use our line of setting sprays to help protect your makeup underneath.

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Stherfane Sexton

My mask is clean! This is amazing. I know that you're going to love it.
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Gwen Lives Well

I'm telling you that my makeup is set for a good 16 never gets on my mask.

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