Gym Proof Makeup

Gym Proof Makeup

Can your makeup make it through a workout?

It could with Skindinavia's The Finishing Spray.

If you want makeup that will make it through your workout, we've got you. Our proprietary formula's cooling properties along with its slow-release formula can keep your makeup in place throughout the sweatiest of HIIT sessions.

The Skindinavia Finishing Spray formula was created to meet the needs of Hollywood and Broadway. It needed to hold the makeup in place of actors who were slaying dragons or going through 3 hours of singing and dancing in front of a captivated audience. That same formula is PERFECT for helping your makeup last through one of your workouts.

  1. The cooling formula allows your face to stay cooler, helping to prevent excessive heat on your skin.
  2. The protective layer The Finishing Spray forms helps to bring moisture to the surface, away from makeup to evaporate without melting your look.
  3. The timed release of our active ingredients means that the cooling effect and protective layer won't disappear quickly.

We've had influencers and customers put us to to the test time and time again. The results speak for themselves. If you're looking for a way to put on makeup just once during the day and keep that look on through a session at the gym, give us a try.

While the formula is built to take on excessive heat and moisture, wiping off your glistening face with a towel is going to mess with your makeup. Our protective layer can only do so much. Anything more would be literal glue.

Customers Trust Skindinavia


Jelena Aleksic

I was honestly amazed how my makeup didn't smudge or melt under these extreme conditions!

Camilla Akerberg

That worked well. My makeup is still flawless!

Putting Skindinavia to the Test

Lasting through a Texas workout

Amber Dawn Orton

Photoshoots and workouts aren't a problem

Camilla Akerberg