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Your Daytime Skincare Go-To Guide

Recently we posted a blog about your go-to nighttime skincare routine, where we took you through eight steps to incorporate into your skincare regimen before bed. Your skin rejuvenates itself at night, so it’s vital to apply products that will repair and refresh your skin while you sleep. Similarly, it’s equally important to apply products when you wake up that will protect it and keep it moisturized as you go about your day.

We’ve now put together a go-to daytime skincare guide that you can customize to meet your skincare needs!

Go-To Daytime Skincare Routine

Daytime Skincare Step #1 – Cleanser

While it may seem weird to wash your face in the morning when all you’ve been doing the last 8 hours has been sleeping, cleansing your face removes any oils, sweat, or leftover makeup and gives you a fresh face to start your day. To use cleanser, apply a generous amount to your palm and massage on your face with water. Scrub gently, then rinse.

Daytime Skincare Step #2 – Toner

While this step is optional, applying a toner is a great way to refresh your skin and balance the pH on your face before starting your day. It also removes dead skin cells and any other debris left on your skin after cleansing. There are different types of toners, so look for one that meets your skincare needs. For example, there are toners that combat breakouts for those with acne-prone skin, and there are hydrating toners for those with dry skin. Find the one that works best for you! Right after you’ve completed step #1, apply toner by either applying directly on the skin or apply on a cotton pad and swipe over your face. 

Daytime Skincare Step #3 – Serum

Adding a serum into your skincare routine is probably where you’ll notice the most difference in the health and look of your skin. While there are many different options out there, we suggest definitely looking for a serum with Vitamin C, which helps to reverse skin damage caused from being outside in the sun and pollution. Serums can also reduce redness and wrinkles, and they can also improve the appearance of dark spots, enlarged pores, and uneven skin tone. To apply, simply pat a few drops to your face and neck.

Daytime Skincare Tip #4 – Eye Cream

Another optional step for your daytime skincare routine, applying eye cream can brighten, smooth, and firm up the area around your eyes. Using eye cream regularly will keep the skin on your eyelids elastic and can help to prevent fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes. It’s important when applying eye cream products to be super gentle and apply with your ring finger, which is the weakest finger. And pro tip – keep your eye cream in the fridge before applying for a refreshing cool factor when you apply!

Daytime Skincare Tip #5 – Spot Treatment

While spot treatments tend to work better at night when your skin repairs itself while you are sleeping, a spot treatment during the day will work to combat pesky breakouts. It’s important to apply any spot treatments before moisturizers so that the product can better penetrate the skin. To apply, dab a thin later over your troubled area then wait a minute for it to dry.

Daytime Skincare Tip #6 – Moisturizer

If you’re running out the door and absolutely have no time to do your skincare routine, do yourself a favor and make sure you at least do not forget to apply moisturizer. Not only does moisturizer hydrate your skin, but it seals in all of the products listed in the previous steps above. For the day, we suggest a moisturizer with a lighter formula so it will be easier to apply makeup after and won’t feel as heavy or greasy (look for hyaluronic-based moisturizers).

To apply, make sure your hands are clean, then generously massage the product onto all areas of your neck and face. Wait five minutes before applying makeup to allow the product to soak into your skin.

Daytime Skincare Tip #7 – Sunscreen

Many daytime moisturizers now come with SPF, but we recommend also applying a separate face sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 after applying your moisturizer. Not only will wearing sunscreen lower your risk of skin cancer, it blocks UV light so it can reduce the signs of aging. Applying sunscreen should be the last step in your skincare routine, as applying any skincare products after sunscreen can dilute the sunscreen. Make sure to apply 15 to 30 minutes before heading outside to allow the product time to absorb into your skin, and reapply throughout the day (about every 2 hours). And just because you aren’t going physically outside doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply sunscreen too! The sun’s UV rays can penetrate through windows, so make sure to apply if you work close to a window or are spending any time in sunlight.

What’s Next?

After applying sunscreen, wait a few minutes for it to absorb and then go about your normal makeup routine! By applying these skincare products first, they form a natural barrier on your face to protect your skin. End with a finishing spray to keep your look in place longer!

There are quite a few steps and a lot of information listed above – so if you ever forget or get confused, just remember that when applying skincare, apply the lightest product first and the heaviest last. You’ll find the products and routine that works for you after a while – good luck!