Winter Skin Care Tips to Banish Dry Skin


Winter is here. SO hard to come to terms with, and even more difficult to deal with. Dry skin becomes a major issue as temperatures drop. This is due to a number of factors like lowered humidity, heating, and the tendency to take hotter showers.  All this robs moisture from your skin and causes the flaky, unsightly condition that is winter skin. Instead of slathering on lotion in hopes to cure this, we are going to help you fight it from the inside out. Buying a humidifier will be one huge step towards hydration. Leave it on while you sleep and you will wake up to better skin. Another great agent is Cod Liver Oil. I know you are all thinking “gross” but it actually is not bad, not at all. Get the lemon flavor. Weirdly enough, it tastes delicious (like Trix cereal) drizzled on popcorn. Anyway you take it, this oil is super rich in DHA and Omegas that nourish the skin, hair and nails. It’s beneficial in a number of other ways as well such as weight management and brain function. Thirdly, we suggest a good, fragrance-free cream to lock in all that new moisture. Creams are superior to lotions and Cetaphil is by far the most recommended due to the non-greasy yet super effective formula. We hope you find this helpful and take care of your skin this winter! No one likes scaly legs