Whitney Port’s Icey Eyeshadow

What better way to prepare for the season than an ice toned shadow? A slight hint of metallic across the lid and smudged in the inner corner of the eyes boosts Whitney Port’s polished Wintery look.

Silver eyeshadow is one of the most versatile colors to wear and can be used on any skin type, with any makeup style and any time of the day.

Three perfect Mac shades to try are Silver Ring, Electra, and Print shadows. To start, apply the silver from your lash line to the brow ridge, blending the powder evenly and working it into your skin. Apply your regular makeup on top.

Help to keep your look fresh by applying a very small dab of silver eyeshadow to the inner one-third of your lower lids, beginning as near to the inner eye as possible.  Finish by wearing a charcoal colored eyeliner on the upper and a lengthening mascara. Spray Skindinavia finishing spray so that your look lasts from day to night.