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Ways to Prevent Maskne

Ugh. Really, Omicron? Just when we thought the pandemic was over, the new variant arrived like an unexpected cousin on Christmas and has thrown a wrench in many of our work, travel, and holiday plans. With the rise of the number of cases comes the return to mask-wearing, and unfortunately, the rise of mask-related acne, also known as “maskne.” Did anyone else think that they would leave behind acne in high school, or was that just me?

What is maskne anyway? Maskne refers to the irritation that occurs when the skin is exposed to heat, moisture, limited airflow, and friction – presenting itself as bumps that resemble acne, facial redness, or flaky/scaly skin. To quote Alexis from Schitt’s Creek, “Ew, David.” No one wants that.

Thankfully, we’ve gathered a few super simple tips to help prevent maskne.

Top Ways to Prevent Maskne

Limit Makeup Application

While it may seem obvious, applying less makeup means less oil on your face – which lessens the chance for excess oil to sit or rub your face anytime your mask moves. Thankfully in 2022, “no makeup” makeup looks are in, meaning it may be the perfect time to ditch the heavy, cakey foundations and contour and instead opt for tinted moisturizer or light liquid foundation. Or even better – skip applying makeup around your mouth area completely! Since you’ll be wearing a mask anyway, just focus on applying makeup around your eyes and cheekbones. 

And if skipping makeup is a no-no for you, no worries! Skindinavia has you covered with a range of products including a primer and finishing spray. Simply spritz your face with primer and let it set before makeup application, then apply the finishing spray after you’ve completed your look. You’ll be amazed at how well it does the trick of keeping your makeup in place, even while wearing a mask.

Avoid Friction and Rubbing

When out and about, it may seem like you are constantly removing your mask to sit, eat, or talk. While most of the time the mask on, mask off routine is inevitable, try to limit the amount of time you remove then put your mask back on.  Especially if you are wearing makeup, constantly putting your mask back on after you’ve taken it off rubs the makeup oils around, which could, unfortunately, lead to skin irritation. Although it may be annoying, try keeping your mask on after you’ve initially put it on. This leads to less friction and rubbing overall – I promise your skin will thank you!

Develop Healthy Habits – Especially Now!

New year, new you right? Even if you don’t normally take part in setting New Year’s Resolutions, I think everyone can attest that they try to be at least a little more health-conscious at the start of a new year. Developing healthy habits, such as working out regularly, going on walks outside, drinking water, and limiting sugar intake isn’t just good for your waistline, it’s great for your skin too! Try and make it a goal to drink at least 5 tall glasses of water a day, starting with one right when you wake up. This simple trick will flush out more toxins in your body, leading to a noticeable difference in the brightness and complexion of your skin. And if you are drinking alcohol? Plan to drink at least one glass of water in between your glass of wine, beer, or cocktail – I promise your skin and your lack of a gnarly hangover will thank you the next day!

Develop a Good Skincare Routine

There is so much information out there about different skincare routines and about a million products to use that (at least for me) it can seem overwhelming. Our advice is to start with the basics, and if you want to advance your routine to include serums, night creams, peels, or masks (the list goes on and on), you can do research after you’ve set a baseline to commit to daily.

Morning Skincare Routine

Let’s start with the morning – start by washing your face with a cleanser and patting dry with a towel. Next, apply a moisturizer. If your moisturizer has SPF, great! Otherwise, make sure to next apply a thin layer of sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays. Pro tip: Get a tinted moisturizer that matches your skin tone with SPF and you can knock out three steps in one!

Lastly, try Skindinavia’s Maskne Control Spray – it’s not a primer or setting spray, but designed to be a part of your skincare routine to help preserve your skin while it spends time behind a mask. From there you can apply your makeup routine on top of your glowing, moisturized (and protected!) face. 

The Maskne Control Spray

Nightly Skincare Routine

And for a nightly routine – start once again by washing your face with a cleanser. Next, a moisturizer (this one obviously does not need to include SPF or any tinting – look for moisturizers with “night time” or “PM” written on the packaging). Next, add either an eye cream or a serum around your eyes. This little step will go a long way for preventing wrinkles and making those smaller areas less puffy the next morning. And there you have it! It’s really simple to get started and hopefully, those tips don’t intimidate you.

Wash Your Mask Regularly!

Last but not least (and I’d argue probably the most important), is to wash your mask regularly! With a pandemic that’s now lasted almost two years, we can probably all agree that masks aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Invest in a few reusable cotton masks so that you can wash your mask after you’ve used it all day – especially if you’ve worn makeup, have been outside, or sweated at all – and let’s be real, who hasn’t?

Grab a pack of 5 cotton masks and after the end of each day, throw your dirty mask(s) into the laundry. And if you skipped laundry day this week? It’s better to use a disposable mask (or a couple!) rather than re-wearing a mask from the day before.

While the length of COVID-19’s realm in our lives may be uncertain, you can be certain that incorporating these simple steps into your routine that you will combat pesky maskne – all while still saying safe from the virus! We at Skindinavia wish you a safe and happy 2022.