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Valentine’s Day Makeup Ideas

Ahhh Valentine’s Day. You may love this day, hate this day, or have a love-hate relationship with this day depending on your relationship status for the year.

Regardless of your plans, we’ve got you covered with makeup looks to try this February 14 – whether you’re spending the night out on the town with your boo, having a Galentine’s get-together, or relaxing with a cozy night in.

3 Makeup Looks to Try for For Date Night Out

Bold Red Lip

While incredibly obvious, there’s no better time to rock the quintessential red lip than a Valentine’s Day date night. It’s a cliché that we are fully leaning into with no shame. One trick to make sure you achieve a smooth application (especially since we are still in those dry winter months) is to use a lip primer or chapstick before you apply your lipstick.

A Classic Cat Eye Date Look

Another timeless classic, the cat eye is a great choice for date night. While there are a lot of bold cat eye graphic trends we see popping up this year, might we suggest a more subtle look for date night with your S.O. Follow this simple tutorial from Skindinavia ambassador Rachel Bruno to achieve this look below.

Smokey Eye

Ahhh, another look that doesn’t go out of style. While these three options may be predictable, there’s a reason that women have been rocking these makeup looks for ages. We recommend going sultry and sexy but not over-the-top with your smokey eye for date night. Use smithadepak’s look below for inspo!

Regardless of which option you choose, make sure to complete your look by applying a finishing spray. This will keep your makeup in place, even after a few hours of dining, sipping, and smooching! Skindinavia has two finishing spray formulas to choose from – their original or oil control formula – that will keep your look in place all night long.

2 Makeup Looks to Try for Girl’s Night Out

Reverse Cat Eye

It may seem confusing, but the reverse cat eye is exactly how it sounds – it’s the upside down version of the traditional cat eye. Instead of applying eyeliner to the upper lash line, you apply dark eyeliner to the lower lash line. The winged piece still works the same though! It’s a sultry look that will be perfect for a night out on the town with the girls.

This article from Ipsy walks you step-by-step on how to achieve this look and below is style inspo from laurenesposito.mua.

Glitter and Shimmer!

Anyone else have flashbacks to Claire’s or LimitedToo when someone mentions body glitter? I know I do. While it may seem like a trend you’d leave back in your preteen days, all things glitter and shimmer are making a comeback this season – just check out this article from Bustle if you don’t believe us. Think more about applying a subtle sheen rather than caking on the silver sparkles. And check out the Cult Beauty YouTube tutorial below for how to subtly rock this body glitter trend.

A Makeup-Less Night “In” Itinerary to Try

Don’t have a date this year? No worries! Doesn’t a cozy night “in” sound super relaxing anyway? And the best part? No makeup application required!

Might we suggest this fantastic itinerary for the night of Monday, February 14th this year:

5 p.m. After work, practice self-care by working out, meditating, going to the sauna, or getting a massage

6 p.m. Place your UberEats order at your favorite spot on your way home from your self-care activity

6:30 p.m. Indulge in a bubble bath! Add Epsom salt to your bath or massage the product over tense areas to find relief for your sore muscles. Make sure to bring your favorite book with you!

7 p.m. Post up in front of the TV with your takeout, wine, and a sweet treat for dessert. Enjoy the Bachelor drama or opt for a cheesy rom-com like Valentine’s Day!

8 p.m. While you’re enjoying your night “in”, apply a moisturizing face mask, paint your nails, whiten your teeth, or do any other pampering activity you never get around to actually doing!

Whatever your plans are this year, we at Skindinavia wish you a happy Valentine’s Day!