Valentine’s Day Makeup Ideas

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I’m sure you’ve started to see the ads for chocolates, flowers, and diamonds. Valentine’s Day is coming up, so it’s time for you to buy those gifts, make those dinner reservations, and plan your date night look. We’ve got you covered with three Valentine’s Day makeup looks for you to try on your night out – whether it’s with a date or with gal pals!

Valentine’s Day Makeup Look – Classic Red Lip

While incredibly obvious, there’s no better time to rock the quintessential red lip than a Valentine’s Day date night. It’s a cliché that we are fully leaning into with no shame. One trick to make sure you achieve a smooth application (especially since we are still in those dry winter months) is to use a lip primer or chapstick before you apply your lipstick. Another pro tip is to apply foundation before! You can really make your lips pop by then applying a lip liner in the same shade as your lipstick. This article by Clinique gives you a good step-by-step guide on how to achieve the perfect red lip makeup this Valentine’s Day.

Skin Shimmer this Valentine’s Day

If you’ve been keeping up with the Bachelor the past few seasons, you may have been surprised to see that the contestants are still rocking body glitter. It’s a look that may seem like too much of 2000s throwback, but you can update it by focusing more on subtle shimmer rather than glitter.

This article gives you links to 17 of the best body shimmers that are sure to give you glowy skin. It’s not just a look for the summer! Make it perfect for your Valentine’s Day date night by dusting the shimmer along your collarbone and right above your cleavage. Your date won’t be able to take their eyes off of you!

Valentine’s Day Makeup Look – Pink Smokey Eye

For a Valentine’s Day look that’s a bit more bold but screams love, try a pink smokey eye by playing with fun pinks in your eyeshadow palette. Make sure to have plenty of blending brushes on hand, because the goal is to mix colors for a sunset-type effect. Check out this tutorial from Ann Knook below!

For a look this bold, keep the rest of your makeup toned down with a nude lip or basic gloss. But don’t forget to add lots of mascara and lock your look in place with finishing spray! Your eyes will be sure to be popping this holiday.

Whatever your plans this February 14, we hope you feel confident and loved – either by your date or with your girlfriends!