Types of Makeup Sprays

What are the differences between the various types of makeup sprays? There seems to be all different types of sprays and a plethora of information out there that it may be difficult to know which ones are worth the hype. Well rest assured, we’ve got you covered as we know a thing or two about types of sprays.

Refreshing Spray

Also referred to as refreshing mist, refreshing spray is an optional first step to applying a bit of moisture to your face prior to any makeup. It can also be used throughout the day to hydrate your face by adding a bit more moisture to your makeup after a few hours of wear. So is it worth the hype? Possibly, depending on your skin type. We recommend it for those with particularly dry skin or those who live in dry, cold climates. But TBH, our favorite part of refreshing spray tends to be the smell and the little burst of energy it gives you! TBD (at least for us!) on if it makes a huge difference in the look of your makeup.

Primer Spray

You might have heard of makeup primers before, and primer spray is just a different way to apply it! Primer spray is a great alternative to heavy primers. Primer spray preps or “primes” your skin for makeup application, so we recommend using right after you apply moisturizer but before foundation. A few great benefits of primer spray is that it evens out your skin tone, decreases the appearance of any fine lines and wrinkles, and reduces any redness. And what’s so great about Skindinavia’s primer spray is that it boasts all of those great benefits, but isn’t heavy or greasy! Check out Goo Roo’s review of Skindinavia’s primer spray below.

Maskne Control Spray

Ugh. The only thing worse than wearing masks? Maskne. While our fingers are crossed that we won’t have to wear masks much longer, our guess is that we aren’t rid of them just yet – especially for public transportation and traveling. Wearing a mask for long periods of time can lead to skin irritation, rendness, or breakouts, and it may seem like there’s not much you can do to prevent it. Skindinavia’s team has felt your pain and created a maskne control spray with a formula that keeps your skin hydrated while preventing oil production and reducing inflammation. Maskne control spray works best when used before your makeup application as well.

Setting Spray

There is a common misconception that setting spray and finishing spray are the same thing – in fact Skindinavia often refers to its finishing spray as setting spray! However by definition, the two sprays are very different. The purpose of setting spray is to fuse layers of makeup together. Instead of extending the wear of your makeup, a setting spray’s purpose is to smooth and blend products. Setting sprays are essential if you are doing any sort of layering with your makeup application (think foundation, powder, blush, concealer, highlighter, etc.). If using both setting spray and finishing spray, apply your setting spray first.

Finishing Spray

Finishing spray is the perfect product to apply at the end of your makeup application or routine. It’s designed to hold your makeup in place and make your look last all day. Finishing sprays are a must for professional makeup artists that apply makeup for models and actors for pictures, film, or shows. So rest assured that applying finishing spray can also lock in your look, whether that includes a day full of running errands or a full night out on the town with your friends! One thing we love about our finishing spray is that in addition to reducing oil and sweat production, it’s also waterproof! Don’t believe us? Check out this finishing spray test in the video below:

Makeup Remover Spray

There are so many types of makeup removers out there, but have you tried makeup remover spray? It’s an eco-friendly option that you can ditch those makeup remover wipes for. Simply spray all over your face, wait a few seconds while the formula breaks down your makeup, then wipe away your makeup with a towel or cotton pad. Skindinavia’s makeup remover spray even works on the strongest waterproof products with no scrubbing required. We also love that it comes with Vitamin E infused into its formula. Check out the makeup remover spray test in the video below!

Soothing Face Mist

Ahhh, is there anything more relaxing than a good nighttime skincare routine? Soothing face mists are great moisturizers, best used after washing your face, after exfoliating, or after removing a face mask. Might we suggest a soothing face mist with rosewater – it’s the perfect way to get you relaxed and ready for bed.

Whether you choose to try out one of the sprays above or a combination of many, hopefully now you know a little more about the differences of each and can incorporate a new spray into your makeup routine!