Types of Lip Products

Ever find yourself in the powder room during a night out and see someone apply a lip product and ask her, “what is that?” There are SO many options out there for lips – from lipsticks to lip stains to lip gloss. Plus there are thousands of brands to choose from! I know I’ve found myself at times overwhelmed on trying to figure out which products I like or look the best on me. However, it helps to start by knowing what types of lip products are out there. We’ve gathered a list of the main lip products so that you can start finding your favorite lip look.

Lip Gloss

Let’s start off by talking about lip gloss. Cue Lil’ Mama’s “Lip Gloss” song please!

Lip gloss may have been the first makeup product you were allowed to wear in middle school, (at least that was the case for me!) so at this point you may be a seasoned pro and have found your favorite lip gloss brands. The purpose of lip gloss is to give your lips some extra shimmer and shine that draws attention to them – and keeps them poppin’!

Check out this list from Insider of the 12 Best Lip Glosses of 2022.

Lip Balm

The purpose of lip balm is to keep your lips moisturized. It also helps sooth chapped lips – but avoid dry lips altogether by applying lip balm early and often. Some lip balms come with SPF to give you protection from the sun’s UV and avoid further drying. What’s great about lip balm is that you can apply it before and after all of the other products listed to keep your lips hydrated all day long.

There are now even tinted lip balms so you can achieve a subtle color while keeping your lips moisturized.


Another lip product you may be very familiar with is lipstick! There are different types of lipstick, such as matte, sheer, and creamy. Sheer (or satin) lipsticks give your lips a soft and hydrated appearance and are great for no-hassle errand days that you aren’t applying much else.

Matte lipsticks are saturated with color and leave your lips with a flat finished look.

Creamy lipsticks are somewhere in between sheer and matte, with a matte-type of finish but doesn’t dry your lips as much as a normal matte would.

For a full list of types of lipstick, check out Maybelline’s guide here.

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Lip Liner

Ever seen someone with huge lips and wonder if they’ve gotten their lips done? While lip injections are becoming more common, you can achieve a similar look by applying lip liner in a way that makes your lips look bigger. We love the video tutorial on this page from Byrdie, which recommends you line your lips first with a liner in a shade a bit darker than your natural lip color. It strategically uses a few of the other types of lip products listed on this page to achieve the look.

Lip Stain

Whereas lipstick is usually made with a wax base, lip stain is mostly water or gel. It comes in various forms such as gel, tubes, or roll-ons. Lip stains tend to set quickly, so it’s important to work fast when applying! Many lip stains come in red, pink, and peach shades. Lip stain tends to last much longer than lipstick would, as one coat can last you a few hours. It’s important though when applying a lip stain to swipe on some lip balm first!

This article further explains the differences between lip stain and lipstick.

Lip Plumper

Chances are if you’ve used lip plumper before, you won’t forget the tingly feeling that comes from applying it. Lip plumper is a product that will give your lips a soft, glossy, and visibly plumped look. What’s nice about lip plumper is that it gives a shiny finish but also provides moisture to your lips, along with an extra flush of color. You can apply over your gloss or lipstick, and chances are you will have to reapply a few times throughout the course of your night/day.

When applying your makeup as part of your normal routine, we recommend applying lip products last to prevent any smudging. Then, after applying your lip product, lock your look in place by applying finishing spray! It will keep your product on longer – even if you’re sippin’ or munchin’!