Trend Alert: Bright Eyeliner

Now that the weather is warming up, it’s time to spice your makeup up. Spring/Summer 2012 is all about bold beauty looks and one of the trends we’re loving right now is bright colored eyeliner. Celebrities like Rihanna and Emma Stone have turned the bright eyeliner look into a summer sensation.  Shades of turquoise, electric blue, purple, green and bronze are lovely for spring and can really make your eyes pop but our favorite is the pink. It makes her eyes look like a pretty sunset.

Bright eyeliner is a difficult one to master. If you don’t apply it correctly, you will look clownish instead of sexy and we’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen. To get the look, first sweep the line with white eyeliner once you’ve applied a base and light shadow to start. The base shadow should be some kind of shimmery brown so that it blends with the eyeliner and makes it pop. Make sure you don’t get too matchy matchy and try to match your eye shadow with your eye liner. This is a sure way to get yourself into 80’s territory. The eye liner is then applied with a slanted brush on top of the white to achieve a makeup look that has a subtle flash of color (key word being subtle). It’s not overpowering or too ostentatious, but it’s sure to make a statement.




Bright Eyeliner Tips:

  • Don’t apply too much eye shadow and don’t match the shadow to the liner! Bright blue eyeliner paired with bright blue eye shadow could easily get clownish, and that is not what you want! For a sultry look like Rihanna’s, pair your bright eyeliner with neutral shadow that has some shimmer.
  • Try out different shades of eye liner paired with eye shadows in the store.  It’s key to have the right shade of shadow to wear with the eyeliner. Experiment! Before investing in an expensive liner, test out different colors using drugstore brands, which sell a range of pretty eyeliner colors at affordable prices.
  • Try lining your eyes all the way around with colored eye liner then smudging it to make it have a smokey effect.
  • Finish with Skindinavia Finishing Spray to keep your bright eye liner in place all night long. This is an important step unless you want to look like Courtney Love after an all nighter.

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