Halloween Makeup

Top Makeup Looks for Halloween

For many, Halloween is the best time of the year. During the month of October, it’s totally acceptable to unleash your spooky side and get creative with your costume. That’s why it comes as a shock that many countries don’t even celebrate Halloween!

That doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate this fun holiday, no matter where you are in the world. But if you’re not sure what to dress up as or can’t afford a costume, you can pull off a super creepy look by using the makeup you already have in your home. Here are the best Halloween makeup tutorials, ranked from beginner to serious SFX quality.

1. Simple Melisandre Look (Beginner)

Image via MovieWeb from HBO’s Game of Thrones

Are you a Game of Thrones fan? If so, you can recognize the red witch Melinsandre of Asshai. Fortunately, her look is very easy. Grab that red wig, a red dress, and some simple makeup you likely already have in your drawer.

To pull off Melisandre’s makeup look, start with the eyes. While her eyeshadow looks simple, you will need metallic warm colors to bring out the eyes. You can use a single color if it’s easiest for you, just make sure to use the shadow on the lid and crease. Use a white eyeliner in the waterline to brighten the eyes and make them look bigger. 

Use a full-coverage foundation to get Melinsadre’s beautiful complexion. Melisandre doesn’t have a lot of color on her cheeks, so skip the bronzer. Instead, apply a little pink or peach blush on the apples of the cheeks to add a wintery flush of color.

Go bold with the lip! Melisandre’s lips are often red or a dark mauve. Use matte liquid lipstick for long-lasting color. Don’t forget to add a finishing spray to ensure your Melisandre look lasts all night!

Read more about how to create this look from Stephanie Flor in InStyle magazine.

2. Cruella Character Makeup (Intermediate)

Can’t get enough of the Disney villains? If so, this Cruella de Vil look is easier than you think. This tutorial will be for the newest movie, specifically the “The Future” look.

For starters, apply your normal foundation and contour. Be sure to contour because Cruella has high cheekbones and strong features.

Start by applying black face paint or eyeshadow, starting right above the brows to above the tip of the nose. For “The Future”, you can either form tape into the letters or write them in with a Q-tip, whichever you think is easiest. Start at the left side of your face. “The” is above the left eyebrow and “Future” starts under the left eye and extends under the right eye.

From here, apply a red matte liquid lipstick. Cruella is wearing sparkling red lipstick, so finish with lip-safe glitter.

3. Queen of Hearts (Serious SFX)

If you’re an advanced makeup artist, take things up a notch with this tutorial. This Queen of Hearts tutorial is for the Tim Burton version of Alice in Wonderland. Keep in mind, this is just the basic queen makeup look. Some artists go a step further with prosthetics and make the queen look scarier and even dead. This is totally optional.

Start by gluing down your brows and applying a translucent powder over them. Apply white face paint, but do so lightly. Only cover the sides of your lips, leaving a small part of your skin visible in the center. Don’t forget to paint your neck.

Apply light blue eyeshadow, starting from the lid and extending to the brow bone. Take a thin brush and use a black pomade to apply her thin eyebrows. For the dramatic eyeliner look, apply red eyeliner to the waterline and black liquid liner to the top and bottom lash line. Finish with mascara or fake lashes.

Optional: contour with gray eyeshadow, making sure to get the nose thin and pointy.

Draw the outline of a heart on the middle of the lips with a red lipliner. You can fill the heart in with the lipliner or you can use liquid lipstick. Finish the outfit with a royal-style dress, fluffy red wig, and a small crown.

Setting Spray Is a Must for These Halloween Makeup Tutorials

No matter which of these Halloween makeup tutorials you’re doing, you’ll want a great makeup setting spray. Be sure to try Skindinavia’s setting spray in the Bridal formula to finish all of these looks. It is the favorite amongst Broadway makeup artists and it will make sure that your look stays in place no matter what!