Three of the Best Soap Brows Tutorials

Soap brows have been popular for a few years now, and the look will definitely continue this fall and throughout the rest of the year. What are soap brows? It’s a look that involves using a spoolie and soap (or other products) to brush up your eyebrows to achieve a feathery look. 

If you are like me, you are probably seeing soap brows all over Instagram – from your feed to even sponsored ads. The soapy brow trend rose to popularity through a few celebrity makeup artists. Then it really took off when Lily Collins and Hailey Bieber rocked them during red carpet appearances.

Make sure you gather a few tools – a spoolie brush and a brow product such as soap, wax, or gel. It’s also important to note that you should always start with clean, dry brows. After brushing up your brows with your products, you may choose to fill them in – but it’s up to you for what look you are going for!

If you’re ready to give this trend a try, we’ve gathered a few soap brows tutorial videos to check out!

Soap Brows Tutorial Videos

We love this fluffy, brushy tutorial by Klaudia Owczarek is straight to the point.

Madison Beer shares her everyday makeup routine on this Vogue video, but also touches on how she achieves her soapy brows. Head to 4:26 to watch!

Last but not least, this video by Trina Duhra gives you a more in-depth tutorial on soapy brows.

There are so many different tutorials and tips and tricks out there, so we encourage you to play around and find the look that works for you! And to lock your look in place, make sure you finish your makeup application with a setting spray.

Soap Browns FAQ

What are soap brows?

Soap brows are a type of feathered brows with a brushed-up appearance that appears to be full and fluffy. Although this term has recently been popular on the internet, it is not a new cosmetic style. In fact, the soap brow look has been around for quite some time.

How long does soap brow last?

This method is a happy medium between a strong-hold brow gel and a brow lamination treatment that can last up to eight weeks.

Is it safe to do soap brows?

Soap brows are one of the safest methods for treatment, and once dry, it will last until you wash your face or shower again.

Can any soap be used for soap brows?

There are a variety of soaps on the market that are excellent for brows, but you may use any soap. Soap might even be more helpful than some of the other brow products on the market.

Do soap brows work on thin eyebrows?

The soap brows process may be utilized on both thin and thick brows, despite the fact that it performs best on thick brows. Your brows will seem thicker and fluffier if you straighten them and lift them up. Using your favorite brow products, fill them in to complete your new trendy brows.

How do you remove soap brows?

After styling your brows with brow soap, give the soap a minute or two to dry. Then use a clean spoolie brush to brush through your brows again. This will get rid of any product build-up and leave you with residue-free brows.