Three Game Changing Skincare Products

Over the years through lots of research, trial and error, and suggestions from friends and family (and let’s be real – Instagram), it’s safe to say I’ve learned a thing or two about skincare. I’ve splurged on high end tools, facials, and Botox, while also trying out a fair share of drugstore finds. Yet here are three skincare products that, when incorporated into my normal skincare routine, have changed my life. Hopefully they can have the same game changing effects for you too!

LED Tool

Like I mentioned above, I’ve tried Botox to combat the wrinkles in my crows feet as I’ve gotten older. While I love the results of these injections, they tend to be pricey – and don’t last long. 

However, a friend recently recommended the Trophy Skin BrightenMD tool and I decided to give it a try. Let me tell you this tool works! This small, metal tool activates as soon as it contacts skin. It uses therapeutic heat to increase blood flow and circulation. It also uses high power LEDs to promote cell turnover and renewal.

After applying moisturizer (or a serum at night), around your eyes, face, or neck, use this tool to enhance your skincare product delivery. Within a few days of using it, I noticed the same effects of a few units of Botox to my crows feet! Incredible, right? While the tool carries a higher price tag (currently listed at $99 on their website), I would argue the benefits are well worth it. Each charge lasts around 55 hours and it’s about the size of your hand, so it’s perfect for travel as well.

Makeup Eraser/Makeup Remover Spray

Prior to discovering the makeup eraser cloth and makeup remover spray, I would wash my face with cleanser every night and expect THAT to remove my makeup. Boy was I wrong. I’d see mascara on my pillowcase each morning, and many times still have leftover foundation on my face during my early a.m. workout. Then I moved to the makeup remover wipes, which worked great to remove dirt, grime, and makeup, but I felt incredibly wasteful using them.

Finally, I discovered Skindinavia’s makeup remover spray and the MakeUp Eraser cloth. I was amazed at these two product combos’ ability to remove every last bit of product on my face. I cannot believe it took me so long to discover this combo! Removing your makeup should be the first part of your nighttime skincare routine – more on that in our previous blog post below. Having the makeup removed before I cleanse my face or apply other products allow my other products to work even better. 10/10 recommend!

Lip Treatment

To be honest, I didn’t even realize lip treatment existed until I got the ILIA beauty lip wrap overnight treatment in a recent FabFitFun box. I have perpetually dry lips, so I have more chapsticks and lip balms than I can count and carry one around with me everywhere. And you know I have one in my nightstand to apply right before bed!

It wasn’t until I tried this product that I discovered that my lips don’t always have to be dry. In fact, after only one night of using this product, I woke up with lips that weren’t chapped and I didn’t have to apply as much lip product throughout the day. And it seems like I’m not the only one! In a clinical study of women ages 20-60 as shown on their website, 94% noticed smoother lips, 97% said their lips felt nourished, and 91% said they got instant moisturizing results.

This nourishing overnight treatment has a potent, dual-action formula that works like a facial. It visibly renews and revitalizes dry, dehydrated lips – I can attest to that! Lastly, it contains Hyaluronic acid, so many users have said that after using it for a week their lips felt plumper as well!

It’s a game changer – especially as we enter into more cold months!

I hope you give one of these skincare products a try – or find a few of your own that give you amazing results!