The Skindinavia Story: How An Unlikely Place Created The Perfect Beauty Product


How Much Do You Know About Your Fav Beauty Brands?

I can honestly say that I may use many brands and absolutely LOVE beauty products, however I sometimes don’t know that much about the brand itself! It’s definitely not for lack of trying as I have looked at trying to find out more about them, but in general you won’t find out much-if anything at all about how they really got started up! Lately though, I was given a insider’s look into one the World’s top makeup & skincare brands. More on their story below…

Unlikely Places = Suprising Results!!

Skindinavia’s story is quite unique in that the company was founded by Cosmetics industry veteran Allen Goldman in a very unlikely place! That unlikely place is somewhere that many of us have been at least one time in our lives- the nightclub! Allen found that when he was in the setting, he noticed something: women often struggled with makeup and skincare products staying put throughout the night under all the hot nightclub lights and it seemed to no avail!

He came up with an awesome idea though, if he was able to prevent the makeup from actually heating up too much then he could also stop the meltdown of the makeup that ensued. That’s when Allen Goldman started Skindinavia in 2005! He sought the world’s top chemists and found a new technology in the process: a control temperature technology Β that allowed for time-released cooling to occur when it was needed on the surface on the skin.
Allen then launched his product- the Makeup Finishing Spray, in 2007 in film and tv studio artists in L.A. and in New York. Women from Vegas Show girls performing in 100+ degree heat to actresses in the NYC subways use the product and it’s now become the #1 choice of makeup artists worldwide! It’s the ONLY makeup setting product that’s been clinically tested to have a 16 hour hold πŸ™‚ That’s pretty awesome in my book! Check out my review of the product next…

the Verdict: Skindinavia The Makeup Finishing Spray $29/4OZ. &Β $39/8OZ.
I’m actually glad I wasn’t surprised with the quality of this product- it was just what I was looking for..perfect! I’ve already become a fan of Skindinavia’s Primer Spray and that gave me the hint that I was probably going to LOVE this one as much too! It dries in under a minute and doesn’t take much product at all. I only have to use a 2-4 light misting sprays to achieve a perfect, smooth and flawless finish to my makeup.
What’s so awesome about this product too is that it really works! I’m a Texas gal and we often have that wonderful hot and humid heat to go along with it and we’ve already been in the 90’s and it’s early May :/ This product really stood the truest of tests for me when it succeeded in preventing my makeup from practically melting from early morning to late at night- and that was after I ran to class and work πŸ™‚

Usually by the end of the day, I’ve hopelessly chased the beautiful finished look I had first thing in the morning, but this Finishing Spray from Skindinavia made all the difference and I was thrilled with the results! I did want to also address the issue of whether or not it had any sort of scent or caused any issues with my sensitive skin and it had neither. There was virtually no smell of any kind to the product and even though I DO have super skin sensitivity, I had no adverse reactions or irritation.Β 

As for recommendations of the product?! This is going to be perfect for anyone to use- all skin types can use this Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray πŸ™‚ Lastly, I did want to address the pricing as I know it could seem high, but I will tell you that you don’t have to use much AT ALL to accomplish the look you want with this product so even the 4 ounce size should last you forever! Plus, its something I can attest to really working so if you do end up giving it a try, you won’t be disappointed as it’s a truly effective finishing spray!