Makeup Setting Spray

The Perfect Face: What Does a Makeup Setting Spray Do for Your Look?

Have you ever seen someone with flawless makeup at the gym and just wondered how?

If you have, you’re definitely not alone! Most of us leave the gym with a sweaty face and mascara all over the place or end a night on the dancefloor with half of our eyeshadow somehow on our cheeks. But there are others who come out of a nightclub, step off the treadmill, or come home from a day at work with a perfect face of makeup.

The miracle behind this mystery? Setting spray, and we’re about to tell you everything about it.

Find out more about this makeup secret and look like a glowing goddess no matter what you’re doing.

What Does Makeup Setting Spray Do?

Let’s start right at the beginning. Setting spray is designed to cover your makeup, often working like hairspray but for your face. The idea is that, once you’ve perfected your look, you spray it on and it provides a layer of protection to hold it in place.

At Skindinavia, though, our setting sprays work a little different. There are two ways that we’ve made sure our sprays are the best products you can find to set your look, and the first is by taking that hairspray for your face idea and changing it.

Unlike your hair, your skin needs to breathe. That’s why Skindinavia setting sprays create a breathable mesh over your skin. This layer lets your face breathe and helps moisture move from your skin to the surface, making sure it evaporates before it ruins your look.

We’ve also added a patented skin-cooling agent to our sprays that chills your face, helping your makeup stay perfect and preventing it from breaking down. A setting spray without a cooling effect just isn’t going to work very well.

Combined, these two unique traits of Skindinavia’s sprays mean that they can help protect your makeup for 16+ hours, giving you the lasting finish you’re longing for.

Setting spray is always the last product your put on your face before stepping out of the door. That means that it comes into contact with your makeup rather than your face, making it great for even sensitive skin types!

How to Choose the Right Type of Setting Spray

Getting the best results from your setting spray starts with choosing the right type for you. This can depend on two factors; your skin type and your purpose.

If you have normal to dry skin, a straightforward setting spray is going to be your new best friend. As setting sprays are typically hydrating, you shouldn’t need to buy one that’s specifically designed with dry skin in mind. Regular setting sprays, like this one from Skindinavia, will leave you with a fresh, dewy glow for a naturally flawless finish.

However, if you have naturally oily skin that often leads to your makeup slipping and sliding all over the place, a spray with oil control is your best bet. This Oil Control Finishing Spray helps keep oily shine at bay for a soft matte finish that’ll keep your look in place for 16 hours! It’s also oil-free, so you won’t be adding any unnecessary oils to your skin.

If you need a setting spray that’s more heavy-duty than your everyday spray, take a look at this Bridal Setting Spray. It’s designed to stop moisture affecting your face, so it’s perfect for tears, kisses, sweat, and even a day at the beach! This is the mother of all setting sprays and ever makeup-lover needs it in their life.

How to Apply Makeup Setting Spray for the Perfect Face

Using a spray-on makeup finisher is super simple. Follow these steps for the perfect finish.

  • Shake Your Bottle: Vital ingredients can separate inside your setting spray bottle. To mix it all together and make sure you get the results you’re looking for, always shake it up before use.
  • Spray in an X and T Shape: Hold the bottle away from your face (around 6-8 inches) to make sure each spray is evenly spread. Spray it first in an X shape, before spraying in a T shape. By combining these, you should get thorough, even coverage for makeup that won’t budge.
  • Let the Spray Dry: Before touching your face, pulling a sweater over your head, or running out of your door, always let your spray dry. This will let it fully sink in for a natural finish and strong hold.

Other Ways to Make Your Makeup Last Longer

Makeup setting spray is a brilliant, easy solution to smudging makeup, but it isn’t the only one! If you want your makeup to last longer, there are plenty of other tips and tricks you should do alongside setting spray.

First things first, learn how to deep clean your face. Start with a makeup remover spray and always follow with a cleanser (double-cleansing is the way to go!), exfoliating once a week. A clean, makeup-free face is the perfect base for your makeup.

You should also always moisturize your face in the morning and evening. Soft, hydrated skin is going to hold makeup much better and prevent caking. Don’t skip this step, even if you have oily skin!

Before applying your makeup, always prepare your skin with a primer spray. This gives your makeup something to stick to and helps it go on smoothly, laying the foundations for a flawless finish. If you have oily skin, use an oil-control primer spray to keep shine at bay and make sure you look your best all day long.

Perfect Your Makeup

There’s a secret to perfect gym makeup, and it’s setting spray! This is the secret that every workout-lover, nightclub-goer, and beauty-professional should have in their makeup kit, and it’s the key to keeping a perfect face of makeup all day (and night!) long. Now you know about it, don’t go without.

If you think it’s time you started wearing setting spray, be sure to check out the full range at Skindinavia for the world’s best-selling setting spray.