Pro Tip #49: The “Just-Rolled-Out-Of-Bed-Gorgeous” Look!

Pro Makeup Artist, Quinn Murphy, has worked with Victoria’s Secret models

We would all love to wake up every morning with the au natural look of beautiful bed head waves and glowing skin. Lets face it, life isn’t that perfect so we went to makeup artist Quinn Murphy (who’s worked with quite a few Victoria’s Secret models) to give us some tips on waking up flawless. Murphy recommends wearing the same glowing makeup color all over the face. “With a fluffy brush, lightly dust bronzer, on the temples just below the cheekbones, and under the jaw line. This way you’re keeping the color on the edges but still allowing the high points of the face come forward,” Murphy says. Dab a touch of blush; swipe some mascara and your favorite nude lip-gloss and your done! Wake up Beautiful!