The Hunger Games Makeup Review

Getting cast in the year’s most anticipated movie, The Hunger Games, is an accomplishment for any actress, but transforming into the character can be very difficult, given the extreme costume designs and long hours of makeup that are a vital part of the role. It’s a whole new type of challenge to transform oneself as an actor and to dress in authentic looks for a world that doesn’t even exist.

The Hunger Games’ setting is in a futuristic of North America where there are 12 Districts, and each one required a distinctive look. The inherent good looks of District 12 residents Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson as Katniss and Peeta showed the contrast between citizens of Districts and the extravagant bright colors of the wealthy, spoiled citizens of the Capitol.

Woody Harrelson worked long blonde hair with a scruffy face to play the character Haymitch, who won the Hunger Games once and has dealt with some type of post traumatic stress disorder since, indulging himself in alcohol on a regular basis.

Incredibly intricate beard detailing helped to create the intimidating look on star Wes Bentley, the head of the Games who runs every facet of it with the skill of an evil puppet master.

Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket Hunger Games Makeup

On the other hand, you have the spoiled Effie Trinket, played by Elizabeth Banks with gaudy attire and elaborate makeup in bright pinks and reds and blues. Effie had one of the most over the top looks in the film. Banks was transformed into a character that looked nothing like herself and played the role of the over – indulged Effie to a tee. Perhaps her insanely elaborate makeup helped Banks alter herself into the completely unusual character.

Elizabeth Banks appeared on the Ellen Degeneres show on March 21, revealing that three hours of makeup was needed every day for the perfect Effie Trinket look. “It was three hours of hair and makeup every morning,” said Elizabeth, “A lot of great wigs. Just an amazing process. Every day they came up with something new. Some new eyelash, some new color or some new hat.”

“The nails were the worst part. You can’t undo a button. I couldn’t use my Blackberry”, Banks said.

But using her phone was the least of Banks’ worries while in costume: “The biggest problem was I couldn’t go to the bathroom. I had like ladies in waiting,” she said.

An amused DeGeneres then asked, “Wait, you couldn’t go to the bathroom so you had ladies in waiting? Someone had to go with you to the bathroom?”

“Yeah, they would hand me the toilet paper,” the actress explained. “They would have to unzip.  The other thing is, I’m in a skirt you would think you could hike it up, but no. They were too tight. I couldn’t get them over these thighs. They all had to go down and up and unzip and button. I had these under garments holding it all together and very constricting. Good times, good times.”

The final development is a movie that fans could not wait to see.

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