Thankful for YOU and Good Face Primer

While we are obviously extremely thankful 365 days of the year, we are feeling a little #extra grateful with the Holiday season in full swing. With the upcoming months filled with friends, family, and celebrations we thought we would share a couple of the top things Skindinavia is thankful for this year like, a good face primer 💁‍♀️💁‍♂️

Thankful for YOU

Skindinavia Face Primer


Omg babes, we can. not. even explain our gratitude for our amazing Skindinavia family, we have so much love for all you beauties and have so much fun creating the face primer and other Skindinavia products you deserve on a daily basis.

We love hearing all your stories about how our products have outlasted ugly cries, long nights, vigorous workouts, swimming, and even freakin’ giving birth. We feel honored to help you through all your crazy journeys.

Skindinavia Face Primer



So what we are really trying to say here is.. Thank you for being you, thank you for being absolutely beautiful, and thank you for having impeccable taste in makeup 😏 Celebrate this holiday with our not-too-shabby discounts happening over the holidays!


Thankful for Flawless Face Primer

Skindinavia Face PrimerWe don’t mean to boast but… we’ve gotta for a minute! Our face primer is a Godsend. It has been with our customers through thick and thin. Not only has it kept our makeup from melting off our face in the blistering heat of the summer months and now it will stand by our side during the icy winter.

Our face primer is an award winning formula with timed-release evaporation that retains moisture longer even when you are in these upcoming frigid temps to keep you cool, fresh and hydrated all day. Starting your makeup routine with our face primer creates a smooth canvas that blurs those damn pesky pores for long-wear makeup application. Our patent formula is also:

  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Pore Minimizing
  • Long Lasting


Don’t let dry, cracked, unflattering skin happen to you..Starting your morning makeup routine with Skindinavia face primer is a no brainer.

Thankful For All Things Christmas

Skindinavia Face Primer


OMG Santa, we know him! If you are anything like us you’ve been patiently waiting to bust out all the Christmas jams (or maybe you’ve secretly been listening to Mariah Carey’s All I want For Christmas all year round). No judgement here, we can’t wait to start watching the Elf and Grinch on repeat and now that Thanksgiving is almost over, we finnnnally can!

Whether the Christmas festivities and parties have already begun or you’re headed out for a night of Christmas caroling & karaoke, make sure to do yourself a favor and use our face primer beforehand so you can sing your little hearts out and look good doing it!




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