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The holiday season is officially upon us and with all of the family picture-taking and of course the occasional selfies, we got the insider tips on photo-ready makeup this month! Tara Zielenski is a NYC based Makeup Artist and Eyebrow Specialist, her focus is in headshot photography makeup, bridal, TV and film. She shares with us her best tips to looking picture selfie perfect!

What are 5 of your top tricks for taking perfect photos?

  1. Always be conscious of your stance – standing at an angle will tuck in and tighten up where necessary and flatter your neck.
  2. Smile “wide” especially for ladies like myself who don’t have a very full top lip.  This will give the appearance of a more full mouth and lip line.
  3. Adding a bit of a highlight color to the center of your bottom lip and cupids bow will also give the appearance of a more full and youthful lip.
  4. Highlight and contour where necessary to bring your more flattering features forward and recede where you want. I love to contour my jawline with a more matte bronzing powder or contouring kit to make my face look a bit slimmer.
  5. Adding a highlight color to the corner of eye near tear duct and a matte highlight color under brow bone–especially below where the heads of the brows begin–this will also brighten the eye area so you look less tired.  The light will really catch to this.  To really turn it up a notch line the waterline with a flesh tone eye pencil for instant radiance.

What’s the number one thing people don’t think about when taking a photo?

How confidence can really be captured in a photo!  Cameras are fast! Always be your confident, beautiful and authentic self!  It will translate amazingly.

Are there any types of makeup (textures, colors) that don’t work for photography, why?

I think almost any type of makeup can work if blended and applied with grace.  Although, to make things easier I do like to stand clear of bronzers with shimmer in them.  Especially if my client expresses concern in making their face appear a bit more sculpted or thin.  The shimmer particles will attract the light of the camera therefore making the face appear more flat.  If a highlighter was also applied which may also have some shimmer the two can blend and again cause the face to look flat.  This is why a lighter and darker foundation can be one of your best bests— all the contour without the shimmer!

Where was your best photo taken?

My best photo was taken in NYC last New Year’s Eve atop a roof building.  The city’s lights were glimmering and were reflecting off my gently contoured skin.  It was the “perfect storm.”

Describe your most photo-worthy outfit?

My most photo-worthy outfit is something that incorporates a bit of black.  Black is truly the most flattering shade on anyone; whether you’re lighter skin or darker, blonde hair or green.  In some way it will always compliment you.  Not to mention it goes with everything and is great all times of the year.

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