Professional Makeup Artist Jules De Jesus Fritz

This month we’re gathering the best know-how from pro makeup artists on photo-ready makeup! Our Pro of the Week is Makeup Artist and Educator, Jules De Jesus Fritz. Jules is the proud Founder and CEO of Dollface by Jules and she’s shared with us her top 5 camera-ready tricks and what you should always remember when smiling at the flash!

What are 5 of your top tricks for taking perfect photos?

  • Apply your makeup in natural lighting and you will look your best in any light.
  • Use black liner and mascara for photos for the most contrast. More contrast equals your eye color really popping!
  • Instead of adding more or even too much eye shadow and mascara, opt for individual lashes. They are a perfect addition for adding natural looking intensity.
  • Use a highlight in the inner corner of your eye and gently sweep under your eye. This will help bounce light and minimize any darkness.
  • Use eye drops to make your eyes look bigger and clearer. Collyre Bleu Eye Drops are my favorite!
  • Don’t forget to elongate your neck, and tilt your chin just a bit. Keep your shoulders back.

What’s the number one thing people don’t think about when taking a photo?

I actually feel that people think too much when taking photos. They are so worried about looking silly or unattractive that they don’t really allow themselves to relax. That’s a recipe for uptight posing and forced smiles. Feeling comfortable usually makes for the best photos. Remember, the photographer won’t use bad photos of you so enjoy yourself and let go!

Are there any types of makeup (textures, colors) that don’t work for photography, why?

Two things I feel can take away from your photos are too much shimmer and pink eye shadow. Well-placed shimmer can be your best friend when taking photos, but too much especially in the wrong places can actually make you look shiny and oily when you aren’t. Pink eye shadow can also be beautiful in photos when applied correctly, but the wrong color or placement can make you look as if you have an eye infection. It definitely takes “pink eye” to a whole new level!

When being photographed, they say to think of “something funny” for a natural looking smile, what is your funny thought?

I actually think about my first kiss with my husband! It makes me light up naturally, my eyes and my face smile without even trying. If you think about your favorite kiss, this tends to happen… try it!

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