Jonet Williamson On Halloween Makeup For Oily Skin

Jonet Williamson is a Makeup Artist based out of New Orleans. She started her career with MAC Cosmetics in 2005. Since then she’s grown a loyal clientele and well known for her style, focusing on flawless skin, modern beauty and abstract expressionism. She spills her beauty secrets with us on how she combats oily skin and her favorite Halloween makeup looks!

1. What has been your favorite Halloween transformation?

Because I’m such a beauty geek, of course I love the more pretty side of Halloween, but one of my favorite  transformations was the year that I decided to try something different and more edgy. I dressed up as a dominatrix/goth chic with clip-in bangs, a dark smokey eye, black lipstick, and a black leather outfit. No one even recognized me. It was hilarious walking up to my friends who at first glance had no idea it was me.

2. What is your biggest Halloween inspiration?

For Halloween, I always refer back to the Victoria’s Secret runway whow. I love to watch the themes for each girl come to life through makeup, hair, styling, and the addition of props. I remember a year where a group of my friends and I all dressed up as Victoria’s Secret Angels. Cute little outfits, flawless makeup, lashes, tons of bouncy hair, and big fluffy white wings to top it all off.

3. What is your best tip for applying makeup to oily skin?

I have really oily skin and currently live in Louisiana where it is hot and humid almost year-round. Oil control primers, silicone based foundations, and setting sprays are my essentials. Stay away from re-applying powders. If you find yourself getting a bit oily throughout the day I suggest blotting with a tissue and reapplying your setting spray.

4. What techniques, tips or tricks do you have to achieve long-wearing makeup?

One of my favorite products right now is Skindinavia’s No Glow primer. I like to apply it before and after doing my makeup. It has oil-control properties and contains vitamins to help hydrate the skin. Some people make the mistake of not moisturizing or hydrating the skin thinking that it will help to control oil, but in fact, neglecting your skin of the hydration it needs causes it to produce even more oil. Also silicone based foundations last longer and won’t break down as easily as other formulas.

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