Sona Gasparian 29 Must Have Makeup Brushes

sona gasparian must have makeup brushes

As a professional makeup artist, I must say that brushes are the most important tools to create any look. I think it’s crucial to invest in essential brushes in order to achieve a flawless makeup application. I’m all about finding quality brushes for less. When I first began my journey as a makeup artist, I spent hundreds of dollars on brushes, today, you can find similar brushes for much less. Below are some of my favorite quality brushes for less.

Sigma Essential Kit Makeup Me Blush

Makeup BrushesIf you’re a beginner and have no brushes or just want to start fresh, I recommend the Essential Kit by Sigma to start. This kit comes with all the necessary brushes to create any look (Featured in most of my makeup tutorials). For aspiring makeup artists, instead of purchasing individual brushes, you can invest in the Complete Kit, which features 29 of Sigma’s best sellers.

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