So Hot Right Now: Blurred Edge Lipstick

While perfectly painted lipstick may not for everyone, one big makeup trend I’ve spotted this summer is lipstick with the edges blurred.  Not only does this trend have a feminine, almost angelic appeal, it allows you to wear brighter and more daring shades without it being too loud.

Lipstick was imperfect at many of the latest summer fashion shows including Tom Dior and Marni, where makeup artists used concealer to blur out the outer edges of the lips. Dabbing concealer carefully on the outer corners of the lips to fade out the lipstick is one option. Another is to take a Q-tip and erase the lipstick on the perimeter of the mouth. Then blot loose powder back and forth over the outline of the lips until you have reached the perfectly blurred edge look.

You can try this trend with any lip color but for a summery fresh look, go with a bright pink or magenta shade. According to Allure Magazine, the trend looks perfect with a bright pink shade like CoverGirl LipPerfection LipColor in Spellbound.