Trish McEvoy Shares Fall Beauty Makeup Tips

If there’s any beauty guru we should take advice from it’s Trish McEvoy. Not only has she founded her own top selling makeup line, she became a pioneer in the beauty industry when she published, The Power of Makeup, a book empowering women to become their own makeup artists with step-by-step instructions for creating the perfect look based on individual’s personal taste and lifestyle.  Here’s makeup advice from the one and only – Trish McEvoy – on how to transition your beauty routine and style for Fall:

What should every woman do to update her makeup for fall?

Blush is to fall what bronzer is to summer. Both are essential year-round but to different degrees. Come fall/winter, take your bronzer down a notch and pop up your blush for the lit-from-within look of a brisk walk in the cold. This is also the time of year to embrace dressing up your look with more definition and highlights on the eye and brow areas, and a dressier, more full-coverage lip color.

What’s the best makeup advice you can give?

To know your makeup style. Ask yourself how much time you have to apply your makeup, and how many products you like to use. This will enable you to choose the right products and develop an application routine you will stick to. By answering these simple questions you will find it so much easier to look your best each day.

What’s one fail-proof secret that will elevate a black-tie look?

Lashes and Liner. Nothing dresses up the face or instantly elevates a look like a well-defined eye. Take the time to curl your lashes, elongate your liner, load up the mascara and pop on my new demi-cut false lashes, which are novice-proof. One of my favorite tricks is to take my gel liner pencil (Intense Gel Eye Liner) and dot the liner between lashes—not on the waterline—which creates the look of a naturally fuller lash line by going where mascara cannot.

What mistake do you see women make when it comes to their makeup?

1. Not blending it well enough, which only succeeds in advertising the makeup, not the beauty.
2. Not spending enough time on their eyeliner. Taking a few extra seconds to get a perfect, truly impactful eyeliner application makes all the difference in the world.

Do you consider makeup an accessory?

No, I consider the makeup essentials: mascara, foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, lip color to be fundamental to looking good. The accessories are the extras—the eye, face and lip colors you add when you really start to play and express your personal style through your makeup look.

What trend do you wish would go away already?

Blue nail polish!! Light, medium or dark, shimmery or flat, it’s just ugly!

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