Rihanna’s Plunging Dress and Natural Red Carpet Grammys Look

Rihanna looked absolutely gorgeous at 2012 Grammy Awards. We love her smoky eye makeup and her pale pink lipstick. She rocked the red carpet at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards wearing a revealing a plunging neckline, thigh high slit and bare back Armani gown that showed off her perfectly toned physique. She pretty much stole the show all night long. While Rihanna always looks stunning at the Grammys, her entire look was much different that last year’s show where she wore red strands of hair, pink eye shadow and a bright berry/red lip.  This year, her makeup was much more natural with blonde voluminous curls, gold shadow and a baby pink lip. It’s a much more natural look.

To create this look, begin the makeup application with a lightweight liquid foundation, using a makeup sponge to blend evenly into the neck, and set with a sheer pressed powder. Next, what you need is a creamy eye pencil. For a dramatic and sexy look use black eyeliner. Apply it in the inner rim and also line around your lash line.  Apply a bronze colored eye shadow on your eyelids and follow with a slightly darker shade in the crease of your eye. Next take the pencil eyeliner and add it again to the upper lid, smudging it for a softer look.  Extend the line past the outer corner of the eye, following the natural curve of the lower lash line, for a winged effect. Curl the lashes, and apply two coats of mascara. Apply a bronzer on and under your cheek bones for a more sculpted look. Apply a baby pink lipstick like Revlon’s Colorburst Lipstick in Baby Pink.

The key to Rihanna’s look is her naturally dark skin. This Barbados native has a natural bronze glow. Use the right bronzer to fake a sun-kissed look like MAC’s Viva Glam Bronzing Powder. Apply a pale-pink blush to the cheeks, and underneath the actual cheekbones. This will give the face definition, while still adding a hint of natural color. Finish with Skindinavia’s Moisture Lock Spray to keep your makeup set in place all night.

For messy curls like Rihanna’s, towel dry your hair then mist it with a heat protecting spray. Take a half-inch curling iron and wrap small pieces of hair around the barrel. This part is important – do not clamp your hair in the iron, holding it in place for about five to ten seconds before releasing. The goal here is messy curls so if you end up with imperfect curls that’s what we want. Start with the bangs, and continue with pieces that frame the face, before moving on to the back of the head. Girls with naturally curly hair can skip styling the bottom section; those who have straight hair should curl the entire head. Once all the hair has been curled, use a firm-hold hairspray to lock the look in place.

Even though Rihanna looked smoking hot at the Grammys, lately she has sparked some controversy over her collaboration on “Birthday Cake” remix with Chris Brown. Fans have reacted to the news with a mix of outrage and awe, after their relationship ended in much talked about physical abuse.

The news that Rihanna has recorded two new tracks with the man who beat her up a few years ago is, to most people, sending the wrong message. But does the music industry, in which they both work, have duty of care in a situation such as this?

Despite the rumblings of whether or not Rihanna is sending the right message collaborating with Chris on “Birthday Cake” as well as Brown’s “Turn Up the Music” remix, they say it all boils down to forgiveness..