Rihanna’s Bronze Goddess Inspired Look

Fair skin is acceptable in winter, but a golden bronze tan is capitvating. Luckily, anyone can achieve a bronzed makeup look without the harsh UV rays which can damage skin. Rihanna shows off her glow with shimmery brown eye makeup and a golden bronzed tan that looks perfect on her skin tone.

To achieve a look that’s tan, never muddy, select a bronzer that’s right for your skin tone. Medium skinned women look fetching in golden bronzers, and fair-skinned women are better off with a hue that has pinkish-undertones.

Here’s how to get her look:

  1.  Even out your skin tone with foundation, if needed. Then, use a peachy-bronze blush. Try MAC Powder Blush in Raizin on your cheekbones.
  2. Apply dark brown or black eyeliner to your inner rims. Then, sweep coppery-bronze eyeshadow like L’Oreal Paris Wear Infinite Eye Shadow Single in Copper Penny on your lids and blend it up towards to your brow bones. Curl your lashes and apply thickening mascara.
  3. Apply pinkish or nude lipstick with a shiny finish to your lips. Glide it on with a fingertip for a less done up result.
  4. Sweep a shimmery bronzer across the cheeks. Try using Lauren Mercier’s shimmer block bronzer. This has 4 unique shades that when blended together give the skin a healthy, youthful all-over glow. It also brighten eyes and cheeks with a hint of natural color and light.
  5. Finish with Skindinavia finishing spray to hold your look all day and you’re on your way!