Pro Tip #61: Waterproof Your Makeup!

Michelle Phan is a top Beauty YouTube Vlogger and Founder of Ipsy.

Save yourself from Summer makeup meltdown and look Mermaid-pretty in the water with these waterproof makeup tips from the super talented, Michelle Phan. Primer will help your makeup stay in place, this is a must. She recommends using waterproof mascaras and eyeliners because they contain wax, “Waxes are insoluble to water, making it water resistant.” To make sure your liquid eyeliner won’t smudge, she suggests an eyeliner sealer applied right on top. “Don’t overdo it on blush,” she says and use a stain for your lips and cheeks for a natural look. And if you can’t live without your lash falsies, there’s waterproof lash adhesive for those too. Lastly, she mists her face with SKINDINAVIA, “This is like a top coat on your face that will seal EVERYTHING in!”