Pro Tip #56: Vacay Essentials

Sage Maitri, Celeb Makeup Artist, has over a decade of experience with famed photographers, red carpet events & editorial.

Whether at your weekend beach getaway or tropical island vacay, you won’t have your usual 20 minute primping session before you’re out the door. Celebrity Makeup Artist Sage Miatri gives us her 5 makeup pick-me-ups: concealer, blush, mascara and lip balm. “I use the concealer to hide under eye bags, then add a flush of color to the apples of my cheeks to brighten up my face.” When you’re having fun in the sun you only want to wear bare necessities to skip the cakey layers in the heat. Siatri adds, “Mascara is the perfect finishing touch – it instantly makes you look bright-eyed and wide awake.” And of course, don’t forget a moisturizing lip balm with an SPF. These 5 products are quintessential for those 5 minutes to get up, out, and on your way sightseeing!