Pro Makeup Artist Spotlight: Valerie P. Hernandez

Valerie Hernandez has over 17 years of experience in the industry, working as a makeup artist, hair stylist, and beauty educator all across the country. She started her career at the Westmore Academy of Cosmetic Arts, graduating and eventually becoming a sought-after makeup artist represented by Opus Beauty. Her work has appeared on celebrity clients such as the Black Eyed Peas, Kelly LeBrock, Britney Spears, Teraji Henson and Ashley Greene, and she’s been at key artist at New York Fashion Week for Vessel, Lois Samuals and Diego Benneti for MBFW. She calls Los Angeles home, and is currently a resident Master Stylist at Nina Raquel Salon & Boutique in Beverly Hills. We caught up with her recently to get some insight into her artistry!


What are your three go-to makeup products?

My three go-to makeup products that I can never do makeup without are the Shiseido Eyelash Curler, Youngblood Cream Blush (all of them), and Stila Cosmetics’ Felt Tip Brow Color.

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What is the hardest part about doing makeup as a day job? The easiest? the best?

The hardest part about doing makeup is making yourself irreplaceable, as well as building lasting loyal relationships with new clients. The easiest part of my job is helping people accentuate the beauty within.

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What is your tried-and-true, works every time on every client, tip?

Give good brows and lashes. Your clients will recognize a defined flawless finish, so pay attention to detail.

What’s the easiest way to change a look without replacing the entire regimen?

The fastest and easiest way is to find a lipstick shade or formula that you’ve never worn or tried before.

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What is your favorite Skindinavia product? Do you have any tips/tricks to using any of our sprays you’d like to share?

It’s hard to say which is my favorite product from Skindinavia, but if I must choose I’d say that I use The Makeup Primer Spray oil control the most, simple because of the type of work I do: picture perfect beauty that reads well in front of the camera for editorial/catalog work or commercial/film. I also like to spray my brushes before applications to ensure extra oil control, especially around the eye area – the lids as well as brows and the bridge of the nose. I also absolutely love the Makeup Finishing Spray for Bridal! I especially like to spray my blush brushes with this spray before I use my creams to highlight/contour and apply cream blush. I also spray mascara spoolies with this formula and groom brows with it.

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