Pro Makeup Artist Spotlight: Anthony Tulve

Anthony Tulve is an up-and-coming makeup artist whose work simultaneously impressive yet relatable, focusing on real girl beauty in editorial situations. Raised in Tucson, Anthony grew up idolizing David Bowie, The New York Dolls, Cyndi Lauper, and other icons of individuality that shaped his viewpoint of beauty and inspire his career to this day. He started his journey at age 16, joining MAC’s team of renowned international makeup artists in 2005, honing and perfecting his craft. His work has appeared at NYFW, on Project Runway (Season 13), and on Refinery29, as well as on music videos by HAIM and Charli XCX. Having recently relocated to New York to further his career, we caught up with Anthony to see what some of his best pro tips are.


What is the best, time-saving, makes-your-job-easier makeup tip or trick you’ve learned on the field (whether being told by someone or stumbling upon it by accident)?

Take a fuller coverage foundation and sheer it out to create a more skin like finish. The same product can be used as a concealer where more coverage is needed. Then take a medium neutral lip color to blend across the apple of the cheeks and press on the lips for a balanced quick look or starting point for the rest of the makeup.

anthony tulve

What is your failproof works-every-time makeup look for clients?

Sculpting the eyes with warmer matte tones before adding any color or frost/metallic textures creates a natural but polished grunge effect that I love and is super flattering on anyone.

anthony tulve

What are your three go-to makeup products?

My current go-to products include Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentrate, which creates an instant silky, radiant skin to provide as the base for any makeup, and Ardency Inn’s Americana Custom Coverage Concentrate. It’s a concentrate, so a little goes a long way. I can cut the product with moisturizer or serum and custom blend a flawless foundation using 2-3 shades. Finally: MAC’s Cream Color Base in Pearl, which is one of my favorite highlighters. The creamy texture melts right into the skin, giving a “lit from within” effect wherever I place it.

anthony tulve

Where do you inspiration from when you think you’re all out of fresh makeup ideas?

My all time no fail place for inspiration is a museum: makeup can imitate the great movements of art without being too literal. Taking ideas from techniques and moods of art and transforming them onto a living canvas is one of my favorite things to do. You can create a new vibe for something classic like the cat-eye and bold lip by changing your inspiration from a person or decade to a artist’s technique or a painting.

anthony tulve

I feel like I’m stuck in a makeup rut, and I want to shake up my kit without replacing my entire regimen. What should I do?

Bring out all of your staples and look at them, then take a look at the lesser loved products and see what they go with or even how to change them up. Some eyeshadows work great as blushes or highlighters. Certain eyeliners that may be off in color, like too soft of a black or too red of a brown, are also great lip pencils or shadow bases. Most makeup products can be used in multiple ways, and that will take you from season to season without a complete overhaul.

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