Press: Skindinavia The Makeup Primer Spray Review


Skindinavia makes one of my favorite makeup setting sprays: The Makeup Finishing Spray Bridal. This is not just for brides, but for anyone who wants a shine-free look for hours.

I was given the opportunity to try their primer spray, and with my extra oily skin, I happily jumped at the chance!

The Makeup Primer Spray is an oil-free formula that contains no silicone, but still keeps your face shine free for hours. The spray does not clog your pores, is hypoallergenic, and is formulated so even sensitive skin faces can wear it comfortably.

Wear it under makeup to prime or alone to reduce the appearance of pores and keep skin matte. To apply, spray The Makeup Primer Spray over your face 2-4 times in an X or T shape, wait 15-30 seconds to dry, then apply your makeup as normal.

The mist is very fine and feels like NOTHING on your skin. It’s extremely lightweight, and I love how quickly it absorbs. In about 15-30 seconds after application (depending on how many spritzes), my skin is dry and I’m ready to apply my makeup.

Even though I love my setting sprays to prolong the wear of my makeup, primers help stop oil right at the source: under my makeup directly on my face. After skincare, this is the first layer of “makeup” on my face, so it’s able to absorb oil before it peeks through over my foundation. Primer is a must for oily skinned gals.

With 4 sprays, my skin stays shine free for hours, a good part of my work day! I have extremely oily skin, so anything that keeps me matte for more than 2 hours is amazing. Over 4 and I’m hooked. I did notice I started getting oily around hour 5, but the oiliness was minimal. I didn’t even feel the need to blot my skin until hour 6 or 7. Normally, I’m a shiny mess. If you’re not as oily as I am (really, sometimes I think “who is?!”), then this should last a bit longer.

Since my first use, I have not picked up any other primer. This is quick and works great, and if paired with The Makeup Finishing Spray, should keep me shine free for a long time.

I’ll be testing the duo out at a concert this Saturday. Hello, NKOTB!