Press: All In The Blush – Skindinavia Review

all in the blush

Up until now, I haven’t really used any type of primer spray in my makeup routine. I sometimes use cream or lotion primers such as Benefit’s Porefessional or Chanel’s Illuminating Makeup Base, but normally I just stick with a good moisturizer which makes foundation go on much smoother. But I was recently given the Skindinavia Makeup Primer Spray to try, and I actually like it much better than using a regular skin primer!

What I love most about this primer spray is exactly what it is. A spray. It takes 10 seconds or less to spray it on my face, which is a huge plus – especially in the mornings. Another great thing about this primer is that it sprays out in a perfect fine mist (as it promises), and not too concentrated in one area. So you actually don’t need many sprays to apply it all over because it disperses in a larger area on the face.

Skindinavia Makeup Primer Spray

After applying the makeup primer, I waited for it to dry (which I recommend), and then applied my regular foundation. After a day of wearing, I couldn’t believe how much better my makeup stayed on from using the primer. It is also oil-free, which is great because wearing it under your makeup actually prevents the need for any blotting papers throughout the day – which is an awesome benefit!

The primer retails for $35 for a 4 oz bottle, which is not bad in my opinion. Wearing the primer saves you from having to reapply your makeup in the day, so it evens out.