Office Makeup Looks

So, you’re finally having to put on normal pants and go to the office again? Yeah, it’s a rough transition for all of us. Although COVID has probably changed the way most offices operate by offering more flexibility in hybrid working or a more casual work environment, one thing we don’t want you to have to hassle over is your office makeup look. Check out some of these office makeup looks we put together below!

Rock a “No Makeup” Office Makeup Look

If you’re like me, my days that I don’t have video calls I rarely put on makeup. But on office days? There’s no way I could get away with that! Instead, opt for the illusion that you aren’t wearing any makeup by choosing a minimalistic approach. This look is all about focusing on your skin prep. Simply apply a moisturizer (and exfoliate if you’d like!), then apply a primer paired with a tinted moisturizer for barely-there coverage. Wala! For 10 hacks to achieving this look, check out the article from EveryGirl here.

Opt for a Shimmery Subtle Shadow

You’re not dressing for a night out, but don’t be afraid to rock a nude shimmery eyeshadow for a cute office look. Just make sure to also pair with peachy-nude tones on the rest of your face and skip on also applying a shimmery highlighter.

Nail It

One of the first things people notice if you talk with your hands often is your nails – and distracting or ungroomed nails scream “unprofessional”. Opt for a simple neat manicure in a neutral color. And if nailpolish just isn’t your thing? Make sure your claws are clipped and filed -no biting or jagged edges, we beg of you!

Find the Sweet Spot for Mascara

Love full or fake eyelashes? We don’t blame ya honey! We love a good falsie, but unless you ae going to get permanent false eyelashes professionally done, you really shouldn’t be rocking voluminous eyelashes in a work setting. Instead, look for subtle, clump-free mascaras that offer a bit of volume without going overboard.

Don’t Go Over-Browed at the Office

Similar to nails and eyelashes, keep your eyebrows well groomed but not bold. Opt for a colored gel that emphasizes your natural brows rather than a bold penciled look.

Balance your Lip Color

You may be able to get away with rocking a red lip at your office, but I definitely wouldn’t be able to at mine – unless we had an office party that night. Stay away from shades that are too bold, as it may not be appropriate for your office environment and requires constant touchups. We recommend instead to apply neutrals or soft pink lipsticks or gloss. Again, stay away from limp plumpers or over-the-top lipgloss – at least until work Happy Hour later!

Office Primed and Ready

Applying a lightweight makeup primer will help you maintain a healthy, natural makeup look while evening out your complexion, which is perfect when you need your office makeup to last the full day. Skindinavia’s primer spray is a great option for your Monday – Friday makeup routine because it’s a comfortable and easy to apply – simply spray over your moisturizer before foundation.

New to an office environment or it’s been too long since you’ve been in-person? Check out this everyday neutral makeup tutorial for work to help give you some inspo!