NYC’s Bridal Makeup Artist Stacy Doolan: Best Makeup Tips and Tricks

Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Sprays are the #1 makeup product used at special events, and especially at weddings around the world. We interviewed Stacy Doolan of About Face Artistry, the leader in Bridal Makeup in the New York area, who uses Skindinavia on all of her clients. Read on to find out her beauty secrets, preferred makeup brands and favorite summer makeup trend. Her work can be seen here.
How did you become to be a professional makeup artist? What inspired you?
Growing up in my mother’s hair salon, it was just a given I would do something related to beauty. After years of the typical “can you do my makeup,” I decided to put my hands to work…literally. I walked into MAC where there was no position available and did not stop hounding them until eventually a position was created for me. I was obsessed with the way things “felt,” meaning I would have to leave my beloved job to mix and mingle with other brands.

I am now known for leaving you feeling like you have nothing on your skin while giving you a look that lasts all day. That is where Skindinavia comes in. I literally do not do a face without it. My time is too valuable and an event too important to let it slip away a few hours later.  With Skindinavia I have the confidence in knowing my client will look exactly the way I left them all day and night.

What is your favorite beauty trend this summer?
This summer I am loving watermelon lips. It is a universal color that looks great on every skin tone and can easily be transcend from day to night.

What are some ways you would suggest keeping skin healthy this summer?
I always tell my clients to sleep with a humidifier in your room. It will keep your skin (and hair) hydrated while you sleep. NEVER sleep with makeup on. Keep makeup remover wipes by your bedside for those “I forgot but I am too tired to get up” nights, and try to moisturize BEFORE your face is completely dry after washing to help lock in moisture.

What are some of your favorite skin care products?
I am obsessed with Eminence Organic skin care. Some of my faves are their Sweet Red Rose Whip Moisturizer and the Pear & Poppy Seed Microderm Polisher. The poppy seed is just light enough to exfoliate without irritating skin… I also love Tone coco butter soap to clean the day off of my skin.

Who is your favorite celebrity to draw beauty inspiration from?
There are so many celebs that I draw from, but my one constant is Drew Barrymore. I find she has a relate-able beauty to real woman. She is classic yet trendy, clean yet real. She can wear any style and pull it off as if it were made for her. Her confidence is evident in every photograph. Her confidence is what makes every look work.

What is your favorite brand of makeup and why?
Asking me to chose my favorite makeup brand is like asking me to chose a favorite kid… impossible!! A few of momma’s faves though: Makeup Forever, Nars, Becca, Korres… (I can keep going…)

What makeup look have you used on clients the most this summer?
This summer for me is all about big lashes and clean skin. Apricot on the eyes to enhance all of your natural beauty and a warm glow – nothing heavy and harsh.

What is, in your opinion the perfect makeup look for a summer wedding?
For your wedding you should always look like yourself on your best day. I always say to stay away from trends for your  wedding. Stick with your skin tones and stay away from fake tanning. There is nothing more stunning than a bride with clean clear skin. A glow in her cheeks like she just got her first kiss, simple liner nothing too edgy and making her eyes pop with a light shimmer in the inner corner.
Top it off with a beautiful pop of color on the lip and finish with a spritz of Skindinavia to seal the deal and you are guaranteed to be stunning till that very last dance.

If you could choose just one makeup style to wear both day and night what would it be?
My go to look for day and night is always a cat eye with a red lip. It is simple and time friendly when you are rushing out in the morning… no shadow required. To switch it up a bit add a little Aquaphor to your lipstick in the am to make the red a little more sheer and intensify it at night buy swiping straight from the tube… A great red on everyone is MAC’s Viva Glam…perfection!

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