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everybody thank you for watching in today’s video I’m going to show you how I get my full coverage oil-free makeup foundation routine it’s been a little bit since I have done a full face look so today I’m gonna be focusing all on the skin and I just showed you guys are really quick eye makeup look as well I’ve been using these products for the past month or so and they really helped keep my oil to the minimum my skin that is sometimes dry and my skin is sometimes oily but I feel like during the summer months I tend to be more oily than dry so I found a really good routine that works for me when I was in the Bahamas because it was super hot over there so I figured I would show you my full face look so if you guys want to see how I got this full coverage oil-free foundation routine then please keep watching start off today’s look I’m using the skin Danai via oil control makeup priming spray so you’re gonna want to shake this before you use it and this is the first step on how we’re gonna prevent an oily face throughout the day so this product along with one other which I’ll talk about in a few minutes are definitely key on controlling your oil throughout the day so this is the priming spray and we’re gonna spray that all over our face I always like a little extra I like making sure every part of my face feels damn it’s also super refreshing you guys can throw any facial spray in the fridge and it’ll be even cooler on your skin which is always nice so the next step is optional but if you guys want to like blur out your pores kind of mattify your face before you get going I’ve been using the cover FX blurring primer so I’m just means a little bit and only apply it on the areas that I need it so literally just a small melt and I’m gonna apply it here on my nose so you could see how it already instantly mattifies I like applying this in a downwards motion that way if you guys have any hairs on your face it’s just gonna smooth everything out so I’m gonna apply it on my cheeks right in this of my forehead and then also my chin next up we’re gonna go in with foundation this one is my Kat Von D it’s the Lockett foundation and it’s a full coverage matte finish foundation so one thing I would recommend staying away from our luminous foundations dewy foundations anything like that if you guys do have extra oily skin or just oily skin in general obviously we like to have a little bit of a glow but I would stick with a whole matte face and then you can always add a highlighter in the areas that you want that’s just something I personally always do I love a good matte foundation so I’m going to pump a little bit on the back of my hand and I’m going to just dot it on my face so another thing that I recommend if you guys do have oily skin before blending everything in on your face you can spray the oil control setting spray on your Beauty Blender that way it’s preparing your skin for as much control as possible the one that I’m using is also by Scandinavia it’s the makeup finishing spray the oil control one as well so this one is amazing I use this everyday when I was in the Bahamas because it was super super hot there and I really really love this stuff so what you’re going to do is just shake it as well and then just spray it onto your Beauty Blender so I’m gonna go back in before I move on with the makeup finishing spray and really quickly I wanted to talk about this a little bit this product was actually one of the first setting sprays I’ve ever used in my makeup career I used to use the Bridal one all the time on my clients for big events and everything like that so when I started using this one again it just brought back a lot of old memories what’s really cool about this product that I only recently found out is they designed it to last all day long so I know all setting sprays say that that’s what they do but this actual product is formulated in such a tedious way there are tiny capsules in this that release throughout the day that way it continues to work it’s not just like a one-time thing looks good for maybe an hour and that’s it so it was super intriguing and I have been loving it so far so I really wanted to just let you guys know that because a lot of the setting sprays are just kind of like a facial mist where this is actually working to keep your makeup oil-free and looking good for the entire day for two weeks I have a code to get you guys % off the entire website and you’ll also get two little mini sized sprays as well which is really cool so if you guys do want to try it out again it’s for two weeks so I will list all those details below I’m just gonna spritz a little bit more on my face for contour i’m using this darkest shade in my graftobian cream foundation palette I’m going to contour my nose as I always do I’m gonna do my cheeks so again this is a full-coverage oil-free routine you can use a lot less product you don’t need to do this obviously but I wanted to do like a full coverage look just to show you guys that even if you have oily skin you can still do a full coverage makeup look there’s just certain products that help keep it mattified all day for concealer today I’m using the shape tape in medium and I’m just gonna apply that down the sides of my nose and then also under my eyes and we are gonna blend that in with a beauty blender [Music] and as I’m blending any like excess product I just like dab onto my towel find you have too much no worries [Music] and then I’m gonna blend in the contour I really love the graftobian contour colors because they’re super super lightweight and creamy so they’re not super oily like some of the other products that I do use I feel like some people are afraid to use like super creamy products when they do have oily skin but I’m telling you guys that it’s totally fine it’s just all about how you set it the powders that you use and all that so I’ll go through every little step throughout the video [Music] you [Music] [Music] to set under my eyes I’m using the Kat Von D translucent setting powder so first some without any creases [Music] [Music] so while I’m letting all this powders soak in you know it’s like a lot of powder but don’t worry I’m going to fill in my brows so since this video is strictly about the foundation routine I’m gonna snap my fingers and my brows are gonna be done now I’m going to take my brush I’m just gonna buff in all of this powder [Music] so guess what we’re gonna go back in with the setting spray any time I wake walk all the powder I like to add a little bit more moisture that way everything can kind of melt together and by adding another layer of this well control one it’s just gonna help build your makeup and help keep it again more oil-free so I’m just gonna go in a little more I’m just gonna let that dry and again it’s just gonna melt all the product together so next to bronze up my face you just want to use any type of matte bronzer you don’t want to use anything with a shimmer or like a sheen to it with my Sigma e brush I’m gonna pick up a little bit of those same shades and go over my nose contour as well I’m gonna use a little bit of the medium contour and I’m just going to apply that into my crease I’m gonna keep my eyes really simple today because I really wanted to just focus on my face and my face routine can’t buy my Charlotte Tilbury liner so I’m just gonna go in with the physician’s formula for lashes I’m using the iconic lights this makeup I’m doing right now is very similar to this picture right here and a lot of people are asking so I figured I would do it in today’s video just to show you guys really quickly all that I used I’m not even using my palette and as some of you guys hate when I use it because I always use it but again I created a palette I can use every day so this is literally what I do every single day so I’m using just the brown in my crease and then the shimmer Brown and the dark brown and this orange so these four shades are gonna all go on my lower lash line so to prevent fallout you can use your makeups right so I’m just gonna spray a little bit right onto a different palette and then I’m gonna dip my brush nib so I’m gonna take the matte dark brown and just apply that connecting it to the eyeliner then I’m going in with the shimmer Brown I love this color on my lower lash line you know what I lied I’m not going to use the lighter matte that I just used in my crease I’m just gonna go in with a little bit of a larger smudge brush and I’m gonna grab that orange shade from the top row and I’m gonna put it right under the Browns for mascara I’m using this one by Tarte we’re going to apply a little bit more powder underneath my eyes to do the bottom mascara so next I’m just gonna highlight my nose I’m trying out the new dose of colors away go highlighter by desi and Katy it’s the first time I’m actually trying it out so I’m super excited I’ve always always always pretty really pretty always highlight my nose so if you guys get a super oily nose and you don’t want to contour to highlight it that’s completely up to you it’s all about trial and error but since this is a full-coverage routine this is something that I will always always do it’s how they’re so beautiful it’s super pigmented I’m barely even touching it with my brush I’m gonna apply a little bit in here to my tear duct and then a little bit there as well and for lips I really really wanted to try the color hot-fire also by desi and Katy it’s like a beautiful bright bright orange and I know fall is almost here so I’m gonna get my summer colors in as long as possible so before I go any further I’m actually gonna line my lips first this is a Go Go lip liner by Kat Von D for blush I’m using mellow wine by wet-and-wild it’s like a peachy color and it’s matte of course and we’re gonna finish it off with the oil control makeup finishing spray one last time and this finishing spray is really gonna keep your makeup in place all day while also controlling the oil on your skin as well now that I’m dressed I’m gonna apply a little bit of highlighter just on my chest big collarbones using the same hue go and that is it [Music] so this is the final result I hope you guys enjoyed this video I have a few errands I’m going to be running today but I’m gonna check in in a few hours just to show you guys how I’m holding up thank you so much for watching and until next time I’ll see you guys later hey guys so I just wanted to check in it’s currently um I had to run a few errands I went to the mall I went to the food store haven’t even touched my face or my lips I didn’t eat or drink anything so my lipstick still looks freaking awesome and my skin is still super matte I’m starting to get like a tiny bit like oily here but it just seems such a big forehead but yeah so I just wanted to show you guys what I look like after about or hours without any touch-ups so this routine really really works and I will see you guys soon hi it’s so cute did you enjoy your dinner you enjoy your dinner hey come here my girl yummy I love Tomatoes they’re so yummy [Music] so I wanted to do one more check-in it is currently I have % batteries but I’m gonna go up and shower but I wanted to show you guys my makeup one last time I literally just ate and I wiped my lipstick like times on like a napkin and it’s still on which I thought it would be wiped off by now but my makeup still looks great not oily at all and again I still haven’t even put any powder or anything I want to just get into the shower and I looked close about my face and I swear my makeup has literally never looked as good so I’m really really excited about it see you guys next time [Music] you [Music]