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My Everyday College Makeup Routine




USE CODE “BEAUTYCHICKEE” FOR 25% OFF, TWO FREE MINIS & FREE SHIPPING! ~ Hey Chickee! In this video I will be showing you how I do my everyday makeup for college! I haven’t done a video like this in a while so I hope you like it! Make sure to give this video a big thumbs up if you enjoyed it & let me know what you thought about it in the comments below! I upload a new video every Friday, so don’t forget to subscribe to stay updated: // ~ I do daily vlogs, so make sure to subscribe to my vlog channel (ChickeeVlogs) to stay updated: // Check out my latest vlog here: ~ Products/Items/Services Mentioned: Origins Moisturizer: Origins Eye Cream: Skindinavia Primer Spray: //… USE CODE “BEAUTYCHICKEE” FOR 25% OFF, TWO FREE MINIS & FREE SHIPPING!

Transcript: hey chickie so today I am going to be doing my everyday college makeup routine for you all so I have it on my face right now this is basically what I do just for my everyday makeup in college or just for like I do it like whenever this is just what I makeup that I do everyday period now I actually don’t do like a full face of makeup every single day sometimes I don’t wear makeup like whatsoever but when I do wear makeup this is what I’m wearing so have you guys enjoyed the video and if you do give it a big thumbs up and subscribe to my channel and follow me on my social media if you’re not already my username is Beauty cheeky on Twitter Instagram you know and snapchat so yeah so I don’t wanna blabber on too much so I’m gonna go right into the tutorial so you guys can see how to get this fresh face looking look so that being said let’s get started alright guys so this is me without any makeup on with so ever the only thing I have on right now is some moisturizer and eye cream because I always apply that before doing my makeup and let it soak in a little bit if you guys were wondering what I use I use the origins ginseng energy boosting gel moisturizer and then I use the origins jinjing a bit but that I can’t say that oh my goodness the origins ginseng refreshing eye cream I use these two together in the morning and they wake you up because they have like a caffeine kick in it or something I don’t know but they’re really really good I love them so yeah but other than that my face is completely bare right now you guys see the pimples going on I know they’re beautiful aren’t they besides skincare stuff actually let me just grab this little brush it’s just getting my hair behind my ears that way that it’s not in my face while doing the makeup actually I think I might tie it back to and put a little hair tie in we’re just throwing the hair into a low pony right now got to make sure it’s out of her face for our makeup so anyways moving on to actual makeup items the start of the actual tutorial of course number one product I use is primer guys primer is essential in any makeup routine I don’t give a shit what anybody else says so I use in this skin today via the makeup primer spray this is the oil control one cuz you already know my oil yes and nothing can save it but this can if you guys follow me on my social media especially my Twitter app you to Kiko follow me I’m obsessive Scandinavia like I have always been obsessed with Scandinavia they create the best primer and sending sprite I don’t care for anybody else says I don’t want to hear about any other primer spray that you guys have used Scandinavia makes the best ones okay case closed that’s all so I use their primer spray and their setting spray so I’ll give this setting sprayer in a little bit but this is the primer spray and this is awesome so all you do with this primer spray is you just shake it up a little bit take the cap off and then you just spray it all over your face and boom that’s literally it primer is so vital in a freaking makeup routine okay especially with me because I have such oily skin like I need a good primer and I hate using those like other like heavy primers cuz they’re all like silicone in it and especially my oily skin like applying that it’s way too heavy for my skin it wastes out my makeup more than it helps it but the Scandinavian one is awesome because it’s just like a simple spray it’s just like a mist that goes on your face it’s super lightweight and it’s gonna come free so it’s not gonna feel like heavy on you but yeah I’m just spraying my face once again make sure mmm oh my god amazing art that’s it that’s enough primer that’s enough I got so the next step foundation I’ve been using this foundation for the longest time now like ever since Lancome released this I’m pretty sure is how long I’ve been using it and I never know how to pronounce this I even went to generational beauty and I literally asked the girl at the Lancome like the Lancome PR person how do you pronounce the name of this foundation and she told me and I still don’t know how to pronounce it besides that it is the Lancome tint Idol ultra where am I saying that right the world may never know but this foundation is really awesome especially people with oily skin aka me it’s lightweight it stays on all day really really good stuff so all I do is I just take a couple pumps of that on the back of my hand that was so much why did you do that much Christina I don’t really know oh my god I don’t even have a mirror well like I have a mirror like over here because way too far I need like a more close-up here I will use the mirror for my highlighter you guys see him a little bit too because highlighter is a vital anyways that what I do is just take this foundation and I’ll put it in little dots on my face I just dot my skin like so I like to dot just like one full size first like I’m doing right now and then I’ll blend that out and that’ll do it the other side and that’ll do my forehead and yeah blend on my foundation I use the Beauty Blender and everybody always asks me Kristina why do you never use the pink Beauty Blender I don’t like the pink Beauty Blender okay I have nothing against the well I mean I get I do have things against the pink Beauty Blender anyway so I use a black beauty blender because it’s the Beauty Blender Pro and it’s meant for more high coverage foundations so it’s a lot better when it comes to applying foundation I feel like the pink Beauty Blender is better for like more tinted moisturizers and that type of stuff so that is why I prefer to use the Black Beauty Blender you will never see me use any other Beauty Blender and then this one and I buy them a book to guys it’s like you get a chance to go to like IMAX or even there’s like some websites and stuff that you could buy these in bulk you will save so much money like I think I spent I think it’s been like or dollars something like that on like a bunch of them like at one point they come in like this little like jar and it was the best investment I ever made like I haven’t purchased Beauty Blender since and I think I bought them I still have so many of them left and I bought them like god I don’t know I’m gonna get it like April or something that is a long time ago but honestly guys if you take really good care of your beauty blenders just like make sure you’re washing them after ever use I’m not saying that you have to wash your do it brighter your Beauty Blender I just mess it up not saying that you have to wash your buddy blender right after you use it but like after you’re done with your makeup or even if like you’re rushing and like going out for the day just make sure you wash your Beach blender by the end of the day and you’re not gonna have to repurchase it for a while I mean eventually like I say at beauty blenders replace every like one to two months but still like you could stretch your beauty beautyblender out for two months if you properly clean it so yeah I love doing makeup tutorials like this where I’m sitting and just like talking to you guys like I like to do a voiceover sometimes and I actually just uploaded like a video with rookies like doing like a voiceover type of thing but like I prefer the sit-down talk ones like especially when I’m in like a good mood I want to just like sit down and like do my makeup and leg it talk to my camera and I know that probably sounds so weird but like it’s what I like to do of course you cannot forget to blend some foundation down onto your neck make sure everything that blends together by the way I’m sorry I have a tendency to like cover the camera with my mirrors sometimes so if I remember like this like I saw I’m just sorry okay I suck that’s all so after I put the foundation all over my skin I like to take whatever is left and I’ll just think that I’m a little Beauty Blender and I’ll go over like certain spots like my blemishes and stuff because usually like I don’t really need concealer and recover my blemishes and this foundation is like pretty full coverage so I just take whatever’s left and I use that to just cover them blemishes up okay so next step is concealer and I use two concealers for my concealing purposes same exact concealer two different shades this is the Tarte rainforest of the seat concealer I love it so much it is the best concealer I’ve ever used so I use a light medium neutral and fair light but I start off with the darker one first so this I will use to just go under my eyes I just do a little swipe like that and this is going to cover up my dark circles and now I’m just going to blend that out with the Beauty Blender so I like to use a darker concealer first on a dark with like one that like blends more in with my foundation first to actually look cover up my dark circles and then I owe my god I think my voice just cracked did you guys hear that anyways I used this one first and then I go on with the lighter one to kind of like highlight my face and bring some light to it so speaking of bring some light to my face we’re moving on to the other concealer which is the lighter one in this one I’m going to be applying in several places on my face so I’m going to put some dots under my eyes like so and then I applied a little bit on my nose little on my chin and then I go on the forehead and do a little tornado looking thing like a triangle it’s not an actual triangle it’s a little messed up or whatever and then I’ll just make sure I get some in my actual inner corner just to kind of lighten that up and then of course I go in with a Beauty Blender and I blend it all out oh by the way two guys I mean this is like a given and like everybody kind of knows this by now but make sure your Beauty Blender is damp like nobody likes to use a dry Beauty Blender you just don’t get the same effect like just damping your Beauty Blender okay I’ll never forget this one girl message me once and she was like hey like I use the same foundation as you but for some reason it’s not like blending out the same and everything like how do you get yours to look so good and I was like oh I use a Beauty Blender she’s like I do too I’m like do what your beauty winner she was like no am I supposed to and I’m just big sister you are missing out I look like a ghost cuz like I have foundation all over my lips now too so fun fact my boyfriend’s grandma lives in a different country and he was with her the other day in this different country and he wanted me to meet her on FaceTime it didn’t give me any morning so when he faced timing I was doing my makeup and I literally looked like this meteor for the first time so that really sucked it’s okay though because she ended up loving me anyways but I’m like just tell your grandma that I don’t actually look like a ghost like I actually look presentable most of the time but like good timing okay anyways now that our concealer is all blacked out we were going to move on to powder and cuz I have oily skin I always make my face no matter what you can’t stop me I will always fake my face I don’t want to hear it for that I use a huh this is so expected Laura Mercier translucent powder I have been using this powder for so long like it is my Holy Grail translucent powder I love it so much it’s what I used to bake it’s I just use it for everything like I swear I will never switch powders I’m actually running low on this so hopefully I have enough to get through this video I gotta make a stop at Sephora I’m just dipping my Beauty Blender right in there getting it nice and covered now I am just going under my eye and applying it after I’m done doing under my eyes I will do my chin after my chin I do around my nose and then I will do my forehead honestly Christina you put the Bakke everywhere on your face you might as well just like dunk your face and a bucket of powder like I’m aware and then usually I’ll take whatever is left in here and I’ll just like go down my nose and a little bit over here and there and yeah I don’t really care about those spots that just do it because there’s stuff left on here but we are not finished from going in with other tools now besides the Beauty Blender how rare so what I’m gonna do is take my Beauty Blender and usually my foundation creases on my eyelids before I set it so I’m just a blending that out and then I’m going to take this little brush this is from Riley nickel I love Riley nickel brushes and I’m just doing it in my powder and then I am setting my eyelids at this I’m just gonna sweep some of that powder on there just set my eyelids and I’m doing the same exact thing to the other eye and there’s my phone buzzing after I do that to my eyelids I’m gonna take some of that powder on my brush and I’m just setting my neck area because you want to just like set your foundation wherever you put it and we know that I put some foundation on my neck so I’m just applying some there just cutting my neck in alright so basically and now I would probably like drink my tea and wait a little bit for this to settle but for the purpose of this video we’re just gonna like wipe it away right now you know I don’t let my bake set for like that long because sometimes if you let it set for too long then it starts to look a little crusty so yeah sorry I just wiped all the bake off of my face and just blend it all in and this is what I look like I know the next step is a makeup remover uh why Kristina why are you using makeup remover so we’re going to use a makeup remover wipe because I have foundation on my eyebrows and on my lips that needs to like get out get out it needs to get off so I’m just gonna like that my lips after I wipe that off my lips my lips are usually pretty crusty so we’re gonna use some Carmex Carmack’s is my favorite lip balm ever I will never betray it it is the best and now we’re gonna use a makeup remover wipe and just wipe over my eyebrows quickly cuz now it looks like I have granny eyebrows because of the foundation and powder on them alright so now moving on to other face stuff next thing I do is contour I use the Too Faced cocoa contour kit looks like this obviously you guys could tell which one I use I’ve been using this for so long I got this for my birthday like last year and it’s amazing and that’s all to it so I just get that color it’s called medium mocha and I don’t go like extreme with my contour at least I don’t think I do I just kind of like contour where I think I’m supposed to I do a little bit there you know like where my hairline is I do my cheeks weird err I do my jaw a little bit a little bit near my nose cuz I have a big nose and that is all for my contour i know very beautiful next is blush i use the california by benefit right now it’s a beautiful peachy pink color and i am digging it i just take this and i apply that to my cheeks this also smells so good it smells like summer and like benefit like did that on purpose they made it like smell like sunscreen or something like a good sunscreen i don’t know but it smells good so after those two boring things you move on to the most exciting parts which is the highlight and i used two things to highlight first I take the what’s up I apply a little bit on my nose a little bit on my what’s this called your cheek bone and then I also like to apply a little bit eyelid basically anywhere where highlight is going is where this is going after that’s applied I’ll just take my fingers and just blend it out a little bit so it doesn’t look so harsh and then comes the highlight so that’s like a base highlight so like your highlight really pops and now I’m going in with the actual highlight and this is the one I’ve been loving lately this the funky Beauty one and it is the kilowatt freestyle highlighter duo this is the one with a lightning dust and a fire crystal and I use fire crystal because it pops more than this one so yeah gotta make the highlight poppin but yes I use that highlight and I’m just going to apply that to my cheek oh look at that highlight Wow and then I’m applying it to my auto cheek bone well look at that freaking popping applying it to my nose ready ready boom and then to my eyelids cuz I don’t really do anything to my eyelids so I feel like applying some highlighter to them just kind of like wakes them up and does a little Sun and also with whatever’s left on my brush I like to apply it like over here and like I don’t really know why I should feel like when you look at like those pictures on like Twitter of those girls that have like the really nice glowy skin without any makeup on unlike me they always have like a little glow going on like right there so I’m like let me just put a little bit there just in case some flash photography comes by and I need to look good but anyway that is what I do for my highlight next I oh wait why did I close that this is my mirror that I’ve been using so anyways moving on now I do eyebrows and then you guys are expecting some like amazing a beautiful eyebrow routine but I do not do that by eye barrel routine is so easy and simple literally anybody could do it a monkey could do it monkeys are actually pretty smart I take a little spoolie and first I’m just going to brush my eyebrows up and into place if anybody’s wondering too I do my eyebrows like on my own I pluck them tweeze them use a little razor ring waxing I do a little bit of everything to my brows but I literally do not let anybody touch anyways though next product that I use is this this is the benefit gimme brow and you like how like the actual thing is just like really faded and gross right there like I love it anyways the benefit gimme brow and this is literally one of the only products I use in my brows let’s have some brow gel but that will come later this is a you like tinted brow gel basically though but it’s like darker tinted it’s not just like a light tint it’s like a darker tip so like a fills in your eyebrows nicely anyways though I take this and I just start at the end of my eyebrows and I will just start to brush this right through them I don’t really brush them through in any particular way cuz then I like style my eyebrows I guess with the brow gel but I just make sure that they’re like coated pretty decently remember meet here Amanda oh hi alright guys so I just brushed the Gimme brow through my eyebrows and this is what they look like now so now I’m going back in with my little spoolie and I’m actually going to just like quickly brush them up and kind of like style them a little bit and then I’m going in with this this is my Holy Grail eyebrow product literally I even if I’m like going out and I’m not putting anything on my browser I’m not wearing any makeup I use this this is the Anastasia Beverly Hills clear eyebrow gel this is indestructible it will keep your eyebrows in place literally all day but I use this and I’m going to do is just brush it right through my eyebrows and usually when I brush my eyebrows I’ve got some upwards and then I kind of like fix the edges I guess so I like brush him up like that and then I’ll just like go is like the end of it and just kind of like go along my eyebrow and like just shape it up a bit you know so it looks like that I do the exact same thing to my other bro of course gotta make sure your eyebrows look you know similar I hate that quote everybody’s like your eyebrows shouldn’t be twins they should be sisters and I’m like I need my eyebrows all is the exact same so don’t tell me that anyways after I do my eyebrows right now is what I usually set my face actually which sounds really weird cuz you’re probably like Christina you haven’t done mascara but usually what happens and after I set my setting spray like after doing my mascara if I spray setting spray then like it messes up my lashes so I usually set my face now with a setting spray and then do my lashes we’re gonna do that so to set my makeup in place I use what a shocker these skin and navy aadmi makeup finishing spray this thing oil control one because once again oily skin oily yeah yeah this is the best settings might ever everything my Scandinavia is so good literally all my Twitter people tweeting me all the time ask me like how do I keep my makeup replace how’s it look so good I’m like dude look it is at this settings right it is the skinny Navia primer and setting spray just oh my god these dynamic duo hold like name a better duo always sex right is just like the cherry on the cake like I feel like sometimes like my makeup could look a little powdery or something and like you know I like a need that said X right and then once I apply that setting spray on my face and just let it sit in my face just looks like beautiful complete glowing angelic like I don’t even know actually a little fun fact because of the amount of times I go on Twitter and I tweet about skin anemia they ended up reaching out to me and I went on a phone call with them to like just talk to them about the brand they ended up hooking me up with like a thousand different setting sprays and they told me something really cool that I would like to share with you guys I promise they’re not like telling me to tell you guys this but the girl that like I talked to on the phone told me that actually in the skin the Navy aesthetic space the reason they worked so good it’s because I has some sort of technology in it which that sounds like so like scholarly of me it has technology in it but I has something in it like a linked technologies so that way like after you set your face with the setting spray it has like something in it that cools your makeup down like throughout the day that way it’s not like sweating off your face so and I was like this cooling feature to it and that is why it works so well and by the way guys if you guys are interested in the skin the Navy s stuff I hooked you up don’t worry you guys could use code Beauty chicky and you’re gonna get a lot of different things ok let me tell you what you won’t get so if you go on the skin today via website and you purchase either the primer spray setting spray whatever you want to buy you will get % off your order you would get two free mini bottles and you will get free shipping if that’s not a bargain I don’t know what is but yeah I hooked you guys up because I’ve been such a skinny Naevia advocate for like the longest time and like finally be able giving it oh my god I cancel finally being able to work with them is like such a dream for me so like I gotta hook the chickies up you already know that yes co-op you to chewkey % off two free minis and free shipping which is pretty awesome and by the way guys at the settings berry I used to wield control money if you guys are wondering because uh-oh at least game once again anyways enough chitter-chatter I’m just gonna shake this up and then I’m going to spray it on my face and the setting spray locks your makeup in for hours like I don’t know how long you wear your makeup or I don’t even wear my makeup for hours but if I do wear my makeup for hours I’m your best know this is my best friend so I like to do like two coats of it like I spread one coat let that dry a little bit and then my second coat and I’m just kind of handing it with my hands and that is all for the setting spray and now your makeup will stay in place literally all day so besides setting spray and all that stuff once again shout out Scandinavia because they’re awesome we’re gonna move on to eye lashes now I don’t do any eye shadow usually because like this is just my everyday makeup look I don’t usually do eyeshadow just put the highlighter on my eyelids like I already did but first step is to curl those lashes so I’m getting my eyelash curler so I’m just going to take this and curl my eyelashes if you guys are wondering my eyelash cars from NYX not that it really matters but whatever I need an eye lash perm like an eyelash lift then once my life curled I used two different mascaras to apply to my eyelash and make them pop so the first mascara that I use is this one this is the origins ginseng brightening mascara I love this mascara so much it’s really good for just like combing through your lashes and getting them nice and long this is the first mascara that I will be applying my biggest struggle when I do my mascara is to not get any mascara on my eyelid so I’m just trying so hard right now right after I apply that to my lashes this is also what I use as my bottom mascara so I’m just applying that to my lower lashes so once I’m done with that I actually missed putting it back into the little jar so I got some foundation on my hand not foundation mascara I got mascara on my hand anyways the other one I use is this this is a thickened fast time definition collagen cult mascara and this is from soap & Glory and I love this one so much too and this I used to kind of just like pump up my lashes a little more add a little bit more volume to them I am just applying this mascara I can’t really like talk to guys well is it mascara cuz look I need concentration so now that we’re done with mascara I do nothing else to my eye so the last step is lips now for lips I only apply lipgloss sometimes I don’t even apply lipgloss I just do lip balm like Carmex and go but for today’s video I’m gonna use the lip gloss because I usually use lip gloss anyways so this is the sexy mother pucker pillow plump XXL lip gloss and this is from soap & Glory this one is in the color Khoikhoi and this is like a plumping lip gloss and it’s just a really nice pretty color and I’m applying it without even looking at my mirror so I don’t know what I’m doing this one I really really like it just adds a nice like shimmer and Sheen to your lips that is it for my entire makeup routine this is what the final product looks like I know it’s not that special you can’t expect me to do like a crazy like makeup routine with like a bunch of eyeshadow and then you know fill in my eyebrows really nicely like everyday for class like I don’t know if the time for that it usually takes me a lot quicker to do this entire routine but because I’m talking to you guys on camera and I’m talking about like a lot of thing it took times longer but it’s okay because it’s a video so yeah but let me just take my hair thing and hope that that hair tight did not crease it Wow would you look at that her hair is a little crease it’s alright though it’ll survive you know that is it for my everyday makeup routine so you guys liked it here’s the finished product I know beautiful now we’re gonna move on to the end card I’m gonna talk about some cool stuff there so I’ll see you enjoyed this video and if you did give it a big thumbs up and subscribe to my channel follow me on my social media if you’re not already because same as Beauty Chicken Twitter Instagram you know it’s snapchat so go follow me if you guys want to check out my latest video click right next to me as well as my latest blog as well if you wanted to subscribe to my channel or subscribe to my vlog channel adjust everything’s on the screen just click everything just do it but that is all for today and I will see you guys in my next video and yeah so that being said ciao ciao chickies